“Hello, I am Elias, and you’re going to remember this forever.” It’s a bold statement from the self-proclaimed Drifter of WWE, especially when it immediately sets the tone for this four track EP. The arrogance of Elias’ heel persona shows that he is completely in character for this record, something which actually takes the gloss off Walk With Elias; it’s no secret that he’s a talented musician, but if he’d been given the freedom to write what he wanted to, we may have seen a side to the man known as Jeffrey Logan Sciullo that transcended the WWE universe, maybe even blurred the lines between his alter ego and himself.

That said, the quartet of tracks are not exactly half-hearted; there’s definitely been a fair amount of thought put into this. ‘The Ballad of Every Town I’ve Ever Been To…’ is a continuation of Elias’ general mockery of every city he performs in condensed into four minutes and, basic lyrics aside, is enough to bring a smile and a chuckle to the listener; ‘Elias’ Words’ takes this one step further, a blues-ier tone and chastising anyone who is in the superstar’s way, regardless of whether they’re his fans or not.

‘Nothing I Can’t Do’ is the strongest track, entirely on piano because that proves there’s genuinely nothing he can’t do, and containing a false finish that is expertly timed to comedic perfection. The EP finishes with ‘Walk With Me’ which is probably the most positive number, Elias beckoning everyone to follow the song’s title in that gravely voice so distinct to Scuillo.

Will Walk With Elias be remembered forever? Probably not. Will it make the man even more over on RAW and in general? Most certainly. Is it a good EP? Well, it’s certainly not the worst thing WWE have ever released, and for that it deserves to be commended.

Walk With Elias is out now.