Yesterday arrived an introduction to gruff London punks Mean Caesar,in the form of new track, ‘South London Summer‘. The band features members of Great Cynics and Pure Graft so there is certainly a solid foundation to start.

‘South London Summer’ is a masterclass in mature pop-punk with nods to the past (Leatherface and Hot Water Music) and the modern-day (Bangers and Beach Slang). The guitar and bass are closely connected with every note almost intertwined, every chord change followed and between these hide drums somewhere between surf punk and the drive of something much more urgent.

However, it’s the vocal that really steals the show; full of gruff emotion matched with lyrical themes of belonging. But there’s also a deeper sense of sadness and anger hidden within. It all builds to a climax of gang vocals creating a feeling of community and overwhelming positivity.

Take a listen below.

The track comes off of the band’s debut, self-titled EP, which is due out October 5th on Little Rocket Records. Pre-orders for the EP are now available via the Little Rocket Records Bandcamp page.

You can also catch the band live at the New Cross in on October 13th.