Rising stars of London hip-hop and R’n’B scene, Lemzi and Tonia Soulbird have respectably been honing their craft for some time.

Off the bat, I am the patron saint of stating the obvious, as I expect great things to happen for them due to their ability to learn, work, help others and embrace their God-given talents.

I first heard Lemzi’s music a few years back through the video of ‘Nowhere to Hide‘, as it reminded me of the 90s school of this genre. Looking more into his tunes I started following his progression via live shows and seeing the strong team of collective artists with him, calling themselves “Exclusive”.

Also, bumping into him around Leytonstone a few times. Sorry, no selfie.

Teaming with London based R’n’B songstress Toni Soulbird the two Release Ton x Lemz via Soundcloud. Six tracks of fresh material.

Tonia Soulbird’s voice journeys to the soul like a bird gliding through the summer. I tried to put my finger on who Tonia reminds me of, someone pointed out, Lauryn Hill. Have a listen and see what you think, but, boy her vocals are incredibly strong, you can feel every word isn’t a filler.

The two add a short documentary, showing an insight of making the EP, you get to see their London banter, the funny stuff, their honesty and approval of each other’s talent, along with how they push each other’s gifts to the next level.

The musical world is unforgiving and can test the soul and heart, so what Lemzi has been putting out there for the past few years and the people he surrounds himself with and what he’s been doing within the community shows the next generation are in good hands.

Follow Tonia Soulbird and Lemzi on their respected social media pages and hopefully, there’ll be some sort of tour with the two.