Nobody likes Monday’s, Bob wrote a song about it. It’s been a long day of recovering from the weekend. Back answering those unanswered emails, finishing off a job no one else wanted to do on Friday, we’re here, in London, at the O2 Islington Academy for us to go Back to the Primitive….See what I did there?

Tonight, Brazil resides in North London, as Max Cavalera co-founder of Sepultura, Nailbomb, Cavalera Conspiracy and partaker in other rock stars creation is here with Soulfly.

Are ready to Jumpdafucup.

Tonight, The Heretic Order and Death Remains provide support. Sadly, missing The Heretic Order upon arrival, I catch London’s very own sons, Death Remains at 8:30. The next thirty minutes blistered paint on those walls, not hearing or seeing them before meant it was thirty minutes of surprises.

9;30 pm lights go out, darkness reigns over the Islington Academy. On come the lights and standing there is…SOULFLY. Showing old school strength as Max stands there in his usual attire, camouflage surrounding the stage and Marc Rizzo lead guitarist on one side, bassist Mike Leon to the left, Max in the middle, Zyon Cavalera on drums at the back.

Straight into “Frontlines” setting the tone for the rest of the night, following on the heavy full-throttle experience of Death Remains. Max and co took it up a level, the pit grew strong as guitarist Marc Rizzo used chords like Ultimate Warrior used ring ropes.

“Fire/Porrada” was a full fledges heavy metal jam session, the crowd feverishly lapped it up. Max has the horde in the palm of his hand as a metal icon should have. Powers through “Rise of the Fallen” from their 2010 album, Omen. We get a new track from their new album Ritual, “The Summoning”. Max and crew head off, leaving Marc Rizzo alone, alone, on stage with those passionate fans who stand on the corner of the stage ad the crowd is enveloped in emotion as to what Rizzo does next. The great news is the air con works, so well done to the Islington Academy.

What happens next is one of those King of the mountain guitar solos. Marc’s Rizzo guitar neck points to the ceiling as he powers the chords after chord as if it’s part of his soul.

More old school comes to the surface as we hear “Bleed” from debut record but no Fred Durst in sight. Then Nailbomb’s “Wasting Away”, at times the pit is where the focus finishes, the crowd pushing the circle to the limit, with Max ordering raised hands, or fists, or the obligatory horn sign. This is a fun gig, not their best I might add, I have seen many times before. What impresses me is Zyon on drums, he carries the tune, without missing a beat, catching drumsticks behind his back.

It’s not over just yet, as we hear the unique introduction of a drum beat, plucking of chords and then “Back to the Primitive, screw all your politics…” I’d like to say the place went crazy, but it was already off the wall, especially when Max begins his devilish scat man sound.

Leaving the stage to rapturous chants of Soulflyyyy.

Minutes later they come back and fire through “You Suffer” the brilliant “Babylon” ending with “Jumpdafucup/Eye for an Eye” no Corey Taylor this time. Max brings a young fan called Jordan from the crowd wearing a Brazil shirt, the young boy swayed his arms with everyone else an “Eye for an Eye” fires around the Academy.

The night has come to an end and Max and his crew prove why his fan base has never dwindled with his tried and tested formula of metal.