Play Expo London was everything it promised to be and more. Located at the Printworks in Rotherhithe and just around the corner from Canada Water Tube Station, the whole show floor was full of things to do and not a single empty cabinet or unoccupied console controller in sight. Here’s a helpful guide to the ways you can get nostalgic for a misspent youth.

Arcade Machines

The first thing you see when you walk into Surrey Keys’ Printworks are a bunch of blurry lights. Once your eyes have adjusted to the darkness, you realise they are the blinks and flashes of the most legendary and thrilling arcade cabinets of all time.







Pinball is a rarity on a night out in 2018, and for those of us who know their flasher domes from their shooter springs, the world is a poorer place for it. At Play Expo London 2018, they had the most comprehensive collection of pinball machines I’ve ever seen in the UK. From classics such as Twilight Zone and Scared Stiff to modern icons like Goldeneye and Spider-man, this was a multicoloured utopia in London’s Docklands.







Console Games

You’d think an event like this would limit itself to games made before 2005, but no, there were plenty of modern games in between all of the timeless gems. Dragon Ball FighterZ seemed a particular favourite but there were also huge swaths of consoles, keyboards and monitors outputting some of gaming’s most legendary titles.



Tabletop Games

The table top format has seen a resurgence in recent years with video game content creators rediscovering the joys of roleplaying and crowdfunding reinvigorating the public’s love of board games. There were plenty on offer at Play Expo London and here is just a small selection.




There was an absolute cornucopia of merch at these tables. From t-shirts, to prints, to posters, to coffee mugs there was something for every geek of every flavour to throw money at a vendor for. Of particular note was the vast array of retro consoles and games just piled up on top of each other. It was a gamer’s paradise.











And Finally …

Something for all you SteelChair lot to toast Rusev Day with.

Play Expo London 2018 was a @ReplayEvents event and you can find out all of their upcoming dates and locations here.