There are some bands that just embody a pureness that makes both their music and their public persona even more fascinating. Muncie Girls are one such band; British indie punks speaking their mind when it comes to their music. Along with easy-going instrumentals the Devon three-piece have found a winning combination. They make a return this year with their sophomore record Fixed Ideals, following up from their 2016 full-length debut From Caplan to Belsize.

The album, produced by long-term collaborator Lewis Johns (Funeral For A Friend, Rolo Tomassi), brings thirteen new tracks, each with some new Muncie Girls flavour that we haven’t heard before. The trio have always rendered as a quirky group with plenty of charm, which they continue to deliver in their appealing second album. They discuss some very real topics; vocalist and guitarist Lande Hekt holds nothing back to use her voice to consider anything from politics to the many bizarre themes of the world.

They continue a trend started in their debut with an album title inspired by Sylvia Plath’s writing, which just ties their record collection together nicely. The references to her writing matches their poetic mastery and interesting prowess in their music.

They kick off on a superb high with ‘Jeremy’ and previously released single, ‘Picture of Health’, setting the bar high for the remainder of the album. ‘Picture of Health’ initiates some positive vibes that stands as a glimmer of bliss amongst the darker depths that are brought from tracks like ‘Locked Up’, which discusses elements of life that Hekt found bizarre including a relation to the prison system and claustrophobia.

Their adventurous nature shines through with tracks such as ‘Fig Tree’, which brings forth a new eagerness for pace. With Hekt playing both guitar and bass during the tracking process, it adds further depth to the tracks which can be hard to accomplish with only one guitar.

‘Isn’t Life Funny’ is just pinnacle Muncie Girls; wonderfully jolly melodies and a rhythm that you can’t help but become captivated by. There are loads of massive sounds throughout the record, brought together with endless appeal; their fun energy is ultimately personified in ‘Bubble Bath’, which follows the previous theme complete with playful bubble pop sound effects to encapsulate the song title.

This second record proves that Muncie Girls have found their niche and they’re ready to stick with it. Their sound, filled with such dynamism and appeal, will only continue to pull in new fans and push them into the spotlight.

Fixed Ideals is out on August 30th via Specialist Subject Records.