At this year Metal 2 The Masses, at the Big Red in North London, unsigned bands battled it out for an opportunity to appear at this year’s Bloodstock festival.

At Quarter Final 1 Cavina a band featuring two Brazilian brothers, Eduardo and Matteus Cavina and drummer Javier Sanchez played that evening, I missed the opportunity to hear there set, so I made it my goal to catch them live, one day.

Tonight is that night. Cavina formed in 2012 in their native homeland, the two brothers journeyed to London in 2016, to continue spreading their music around venues and web radio stations. The guys influenced from Sepultura and Pantera to Alice in Chains to Chuck Berry engulfing an eclectic feel.

It’s a special evening tonight, they’re releasing the music video to “Weak Flesh” at the Unicorn in Camden along with a full set of hard-heavy rock.

The first band of the night are Ritual, who I missed due to my time management, another support is from The Wicked Jackals a classic rock vibe to these cats, who performed a decent cover of Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits”.

Cavina is on at 11:30 pm, opening with “Stolen”, and then straight into the reason we’re here, “Weak Flesh” the stoner feel is high tonight with a Clutch influence.

Holding my free soda water and lime, many pub patriarchs come from the back or front of the pub to hear these guys, that is a great sign. The brothers and Javier do not hold back with their taste of South American flavoured metal.

If you like Sepultura mixed with stoner mood, then Cavina is worth your time.

They finish with “What I am” until a few in the crowd grow restless and want more…MORE they shout, we Want more…another good sign a band is cracking the scene.

Guitars and bass back on, Javier behind the drums and these guys rip it up with “Finding My Way”.

Check out their EP Cavina on Bandcamp. They have finished their debut full-length album but are currently looking for a distributor.

Check out the music video below. SetList

  1. Stolen
  2. Weak Flesh
  3. Better
  4. My World
  5. High ’N’ Low
  6. The Last Prayer
  7. Goin’ Down (Freddy King cover)
  8. I Live in Hell
  9. What I am
  10. Finding My Way