Modern Error opened Blood Youth’s single release show with an electrifying amount of energy. The melodic hardcore band ripped into their first song with an impressive presence owning the stage and captivating the audience. The biting guitar riffs stood out mostly along with the vocals, filled with turbulent emotion as the songs swung from a heavy to a lighter sound. Fans of Casey are bound to love Modern Error but their sound is still distant from theirs having created a very unique sound for themselves. Their live performance was unparalleled and a perfect opener for Blood Youth.

When you put a band like blood youth in a 100 capacity venue things are going to be insane but I didn’t predict just how chaotic it would be. With the pit engulfing the entirety of The Black Heart’s small room things were hectic to say the least. Fans took advantage of seeing Blood Youth at a show without a barrier, crowd surfing onto the stage before launching themselves back onto the crowd who somehow managed to keep themselves up every time. Blood Youth fans clearly love to pit, and roughly at that. Something I learnt the hard way, after getting my camera to the face attempting to take photos of their circle pit and almost ending up with two black eyes before Reading Festival.

Blood Youth rioted onto The Black Heart’s stage with boisterous energy. The set was played seamlessly with relentless passion and emotion. The debut of ‘Starve’ couldn’t have gone better as the room erupted into chaos, the band proving how their songs can sound even better live than they did recorded. The night concluded with ‘Reasons To Stay’ which left the crowd clearly wanting more, this could be the last time we see Blood Youth at such a tiny venue and it was phenomenal!