Who ever said Americans don’t know anything about making a good cup of tea? Someone did, but thanks to L.A based electro-indie duo, Bad Wave, we now have proof that such a crass generalisation is completely unmerited…

Flying the flag for every  teaist/brew-freak/sinensophile on the left side of the Atlantic, the band’s new video for their latest single, ‘Good Son‘, is “really just an instructional video for how to make a cup of tea.”

But it isn’t only making a cups of tea that Patrick Hart and Tucker Tota seem to have down, this latest track once again shows their knack for delivering sweeping, hook-laden electro-indie.

Watch the video below.

The video also includes panoramic scenes of the L.A landscape – visuals that are almost palpable in each and every track this band have released in the past few years. Their music always seems so tied up with the atmosphere of the location they were created in. Listening to Bad Wave is like listening to a soundtrack to some Bret Easton Ellis novel… but in a good way.

Take a listen to the band’s previous releases via Soundcloud, including the driving, 80’s sci-fi swell of ‘Runaway’, the slightly irritating yet absolutely genius re-imagining of Green Day’s ‘She’, and previous VH Track of the Day, ‘1955’.