With the much-anticipated brand new season of Lucha Underground underway, many are speculating as to what the rest of this, the fourth series will have lined up including new arrivals, potential must-see matches, and gripping new storylines. Throughout its existence, Lucha Underground has successfully succeeded in bringing all these assets to each season and to add to that list we have the topic of brilliant managers within the promotion. Today, we are going to be focusing a light on these stars and counting down the best managers in Lucha Underground history but exactly who will make this list in a years’ time?


Going back to season one a man who truly did standout in his role as a manager in Lucha Underground was of course Konnan. Without a shadow of a doubt, the downside comes from the fact he wasn’t around for very long, departing with the company before the end of season one, however, he made such a strong impact during his short time with Lucha and is worthy of a position on this list. Managing one of the Undergrounds biggest stars in Prince Puma. With the experience, he possessed Konnan played a vital role in creating the star that Puma became. He gave the young up and comer a name, a reason for fans to pay attention and take him seriously which effectively means he done his job perfectly. A standout star in the world of Lucha Libre including a run with WCW during the Monday night War Era meant that he was a popular and highly recognizable face when Lucha Underground debuted and the role he played in the career of Prince Puma puts him firmly in this list today

Kobra Moon

Kobra Moon may not be the first pick for many to add to a list that highlights the best managers In Lucha Underground history considering the majority of her career has been focused on in-ring work however, she has throughout the past two seasons stood out for her role outside of the ring including a rather underrated storyline with Drago. Focusing her attention on luring Drago to the dark side she used her inelegance, skill, and almost seductive attitude to do so and later on we would see her managing the imposing trio of her first victim alongside Pindar and Vibora where the three would go on to hold the trio’s championships. We’ve also seen some rather captivating and interesting work between Kobra and Daga which has continued onto season four! Throughout her time in Lucha Underground Kobra Moon has shone both as an in-ring competitor but also in the role of a manager. Her Intense, sensuality, and of course the implication of hypnotic powers have come into play greatly during this latter role; the fact she is capable of holding her own makes her an even more dangerous and interesting name to add to this list.

Famous B

He may have achieved minimal success as a wrestler in Lucha Underground, but Famous B has become one of the most consistent, comedic, and entertaining managers/characters the promotion has seen.  With the Beautiful Brenda by his side, Famous B has been apart of several promos, segments and storyline’s that have positioned him firmly on the roster. A very similar angle to the Titus Worldwide idea Famous B shows the world how this role should be done and comes across as a brilliant and most certainly convincing hype man. Now, he may not be as strong of a manager as many who will feature on this list but what he has always provided is sheer entertainment, something different, and comedic to Lucha Underground.


Another name whom to many may not be the right man to feature on this list questions his role as a manager exactly but the work we saw between Vampiro and Pentagon Dark as well as briefly with Prince Puma makes him the fourth name on this list. An intense all-around performer with years of experience, Vampiro is a brilliant and much-needed part of Lucha Underground. His focus has been on training his portages in a rather dark and intense manner which may not have worked in so many other promotions however the unique world that is Lucha Underground meant this angle and the way it was done fitted in and worked amazingly well. It’s important to note that Vampiro was able to do such a good job and standout so greatly while also working as a colour commentator alongside Matt Striker. A far different side to him is shown in both position and with season three ending with such a strong focus on Vampiro and Pentagon Dark, Season four makes for an interesting place to see what awaits Vampiro in his managing/ mentoring position on the roster.


One of the most captivating, thrilling, and entertaining stars on the Lucha Underground roster is without a shadow of a doubt Mil Muertes. The Dead Man of the underground has competed in some the best casket matches both in the company and pro wrestling history and is a standout star on the roster. However, despite his sheer talent it’s the alliance he shares with Catrina that has given him the edge and further intensity fans cannot get enough of. Sexy, serious, and tactical, Catrina despite her lack of in-ring experience and skill shines brighter than anyone in the role of manager and has been taking the spotlight from the moment she arrived in Lucha Underground. She’s a mysterious, interesting, and irresistible force in the world of Lucha Underground and her picking to align herself with one of the most dangerous men on the roster adds to her intriguing nature. Carrying the stone and the kiss of death further push the idea that she is one of the most entertaining and must-see characters on the roster with a huge and of course mysterious future.

Dario Cueto

While his key role in Lucha Underground is a heel authority figure, Dario Cueto has too excelled in working as the manager of his kayfabe brother The Monster Matanza Cueto. A standout storyline saw him stand alongside and guide his brother when needed during his rivalry with Mil Muertes and Catrina. Cueto has found a brilliant balance between holding great power and almost controlling his brother while also working as a fantastic mouthpiece and a coward heel for faces to challenge during rivalries and storylines. His background as an actor shines brightly here and has arguably been a huge contributing factor to his success in this role. So far, we have seen Dario attached to his brother and his brother only but who knows what the future holds whether taking on the position of managing other Lucha Underground talent is something fans can expect to see one day soon.

As we have touched on today, Lucha Underground has seen and continues to see excellent managing roles used in storylines and apart of the roster. The men and women we have mentioned today join the list of some the best managers in modern day wrestling and as season four kick stars can we expect to see new face added to this list in months to come.

All pics and screencaps courtesy of El Rey Network.