The Best Throwback References from Ready Player One

*Spoilers Ahead*

Ready Player One is heavily peppered with nostalgic references, from vintage toys like Rubik’s Cubes, to classic film references from Say Anything. Steven Spielberg’s epic adventure is available on Digital Download July 23 and comes to 4K, Blu-Ray™ 3D, Blu-Ray™ and DVD August 6th. To celebrate the release, we’re taking a look at some of the best throwback references you might’ve missed!

Rubik’s Cube

Parzival’s secret weapon is a Zemeckis Cube, which turns back time by 60 seconds. The cube looks just like a Rubik’s Cube, the popular puzzle toy from the ‘70s.

The Joker and Harley-Quinn

The comic-book couple are spotted in the Distracted Globe dance club, as they observe Parzival and Art3mis’ dance-off. Harley-Quinn is also seen walking in the Oasis with fellow Suicide Squad member Deadshot.


Saturday Night Fever

The same dance routine between Parzival and Art3mis is influenced by the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever and even features a song from the film, You Should be Dancing.


Say Anything

Before the final battle scene, Parzival holds up a boom box in the style of John Cusack in the popular ‘80s drama Say Anything.



Art3mis scares Wade with a glove in the style of the Chestburster Alien from Ridley Scott’s classic science-fiction horror.


Iron Giant

Spielberg revealed in an interview that the Iron Giant was his favourite east egg from the film. He said, “For me, it was being able to bring the Iron Giant back to life”. The friendly robot features in Aech’s workshop, then again to help save the day in the final battle scene.

And there are many more to spot! Find them at home when the film arrives on Digital Download July 23 and to 4K, Blu-Ray™ 3D, Blu-Ray™ and DVD August 6th, or you can pre-order here.