Oh Joy – Good Grief (EP Review)


I can guarantee you right now somewhere out there, someone is sitting alone in the corner of a dark room listening to this EP playing on repeat while holding a picture of their ex. Pretty much sums up my review of the Oh Joy’s new EP, Good Grief. But having listened to again I’m convinced this is an EP designed to emotionally hurt yourself too.

Starting off with…uggh… ‘Cab Sad’, we are treated to what the rest of the EP has to offer. A slow tempo starting at around about Moderato before moving into a slightly higher Allegretto Moderato matched with a change in arrangement, or, in ‘Cab Sad’s case, a slow drum beat smothering the guitar. ‘Volunteer’ has much the same, with late-stage drum and keyboard electric.

Despite the slight variance in the arrangement the whole EP blends into one. Oh Joy has jokingly called themselves ‘mope rock’ but never have I wanted to grab a band before and shake them while shouting, “For God’s sake be happy!” There is not even a repetitiveness to it, more of a droning, like a computer hum or white noise. I’ve listened to other musicians sing melancholy and sad songs but they change it up their tracks, add something new to the arrangement, harmony and tempo to trigger different reactions.

This just keeps going. The lyrics and arrangement trigger no sense other than social angst before settling into a dreary background noise like rain hitting a window.

Good Grief EP is out now.