Surrounded by 4 walls of a padded cell: no light, no sound and no way out. How would you survive when kidnapped without a trace? From award winning writer/director Noel Clarke (BrotherhoodKidulthood), prepare for an exhilarating thriller that pits brains against brawn when 10×10 launches on DVD and Digital Download from 27th August 2018.

After meticulous planning and preparation, Lewis (Luke Evans; The AlienistBeauty and the Beast) snatches Cathy (Kelly Reilly; Britannia, Eden Lake) off the street and takes her to a remote luxury house, locking her away in a soundproofed room measuring 10 feet by 10 feet. His motive: to have Cathy confess a dark secret that she is determined to keep hidden. However, Cathy has no intention of giving up easily, and proves more than a match for her kidnapper.

Featuring powerhouse performances from Luke Evans and Kelly Reilly; get ready for a gripping psychological rollercoaster as 10×10 releases on DVD and Digital Download on 27th August. Pre-order now:

By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.