Indietracks preview: Whitelands (The VH Interview)

Hello Whitelands, how are you doing?

Hello, I’m doing great! Just a bit stressed this month as I’ve got Alevels exams coming up, we’ve had to put the band on hiatus these last few months as a result but they will be done soon and get recording as soon as possible!

How has 2018 been so far?

2018 has been one of our most eventful years so far, we recently got a bassist called Ed, so it’s just not me and Jagun anymore, we’ve been recording some singles and we also did a radio show on Resonance FM with panic pocket. We couldn’t have done this without all the lovely people at diyspaceforlondon and Decolonise Festival.

What does the rest of the year have in store for you?

Between recording the bands first EP and trying to get some shows, we’re really trying to get a fan base, we love all the support we’ve been getting for our songs and we’re eager to have more people listen.

You are playing Indietracks this weekend, how does it feel to be playing your first festival?

It’s genuinely baffling, like, “woah people actually like us?”, I think it’s crazy but I’m genuinely looking forward to it I hope I can get to meet loads of other bands too

Can you let me in on any surprises for your set?

Well our sets have always been quite clustered when we first started out so I guess unpredictability is a pretty good word to describe it! Me and Jagun used to make up songs on the spot because our sets were always really short in the beginning but we’re going to bring that back soon. Furthermore you never really know what might happen, the PA could fail, my strap could come undone! Whatever happens were sure to make it great for an audience.

For those that don’t know about Whitelands yet, what is your band like?

It’s like citizen and turnover, post rock with a bit of grit sometimes added in, we’re fairly new so I’m still trying to find my sound through my song writing and my pedal board

You have a vintage sound, how do you capture such a sound with modern production?

Oh that’s a simple one! With vintage records and songs a lot of their recordings were made on much lower quality equipment compared to today’s standards, but my first Ep was an emulation of Bon Iver’s For Emma Forever Ago, so I used a lot of his techniques to get that vintage style, and also my school equipment wasn’t exactly great so I had to make do with recording during lunch times.

Your sound is varied throughout the three singles you currently have, is this reflected in your influences?

Hell yes! Alot of my work is emulation and manipulation to kind of fit the song I have in mind, for example for ‘road’ I recorded my vocals 8 times and had different harmonies every time to get multiple nuances, this is exactly how Justin Vernon recorded on his first album and I was trying to emulate that in my own style. Without his influence it would’ve been a much, much different song.

How does your song writing process work?

It’s mostly me being in school, having a melody pop into my head, humming the melody very quietly into my iphones memo app, getting told of by a teacher for being on my phone, then later building upon it when I have time, many songs have gone through numerous changes, even our single ‘something else’, I had some lyrics for about 6 months then 10 hours before recording it I changed the lyrics completely.

Does your music change for a live setting?

Yep! With a full band there are a few songs that I would sound different from records as there will be drums and bass guitar added in.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Turnover, Men I Trust, Everything Everything, Modern Baseball, Beach Slang, American Pleasure Club, Hibou, Two Door Cinema Club, American Football, Nujabes, No Vacation, and Tiny Hueman!

Where can we hear more and/or buy some music?

You can hear some great tunes on all streaming media platforms,, Or even better yet, live!

If you’d like some merch you can get our “nicotine” design on just about anything