Indietracks preview: The Lovely Eggs (The VH Interview)

Hello The Lovely Eggs, how are you doing?

We are doing good ta. Just got back off our May UK tour with 60 cans of Strongbow, a jar of chocolate eggs and a shitload of sold out gigs so can’t complain.

How has 2018 been so far?

It’s been amazing for us really. Our new album has done better than we ever could have imagined and we’ve had the pleasure of going on tour with some amazing people (Mr Ben and the Bens, Phill Jupitus and Rob Auton). Our shows have been selling out everywhere, people have been really loving the new album so life is pretty sweet.

What does the rest of year have in store for you?

Playing a shit load more festivals over the summer and then another UK tour in October/November and then trying to write new songs in between then and some D.I.Y on our house and various other monkey business.

You are playing Indietracks this weekend, can you let me in on any surprises for your set?

There are no surprises really. Anything that happens which might be a surprise will be a surprise to us on the night as well as to the audience! You’ve just got to go with the flow dude. Aint nothing planned.

You’ve played a few Indietracks festivals, what makes it special?

The fans really, the people there. Without our fans we wouldn’t be owt. There’s a really good sense of community at Indietracks and everyone seems to know everyone else which is unlike most festivals we have ever played.

Do you have any top tips for the weekend, what should we be eating and drinking?

Hangovers in tents are bad. If in need, pull yerself out of yer tent onto the grass as early in the morning as you can. We don’t do real ale or all that shit so chemical-based cider and anything vegetarian is what we would do if yer going down the food/drink route.

Does a bigger stage add pressure to your performance?

No. We’re happy playing anywhere to be honest. We don’t let all that bollocks get in the way of having a good time.

You have a reputation for surreal songs, how does your song writing process work?

We look at our own lives and what we see and observe and feel in a subconscious way and then we write music and it just comes out. Like a great big turd.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Really like the new Parquet Courts and also stuff like Wand and Oh Sees.

Are there any hidden gems in Lancaster the rest of the country are missing out on?

Living in Lancaster is a commitment to a certain lifestyle. Yer either in it or yer not. And of course there are loads of hidden gems but you know that’s not for us to tell you about. Move up here and then you’ll feel the magic of it. Seek and yea shall find.

Do you have creative outlets outside of music?

Yes, David likes building weird musical and non musical inventions. He also likes making bizarre shit and has been getting into animation. Holly just reads a lot really and writes letters.

Where can we hear more and/or buy some music?

From our website or from record shops or other music places online, Spotify, the usual crap.