Indietracks 2018 (The VH preview)

Wrong, Indietracks is a special exception, yes it’s a festival but there are trains! There are stages in locomotive sheds, on trains and throughout the Midland Railway. There will be three days of indie-pop and profits maintain the beautiful railway, museum, trains and tracks. This isn’t just a lovely weekend its also a good deed.


Day one of a festival is for exploring you will be spending an evening in the company of great bands and great people. The three band bill will get you warmed up for a delightful weekend, you should go and see them all!

Worst Place
7:00 Outdoor Stage
This relatively new act could become your new favorite band, not bad for festival openers. Fuzzy indie rock, dreamy soundscapes, physc and pop combine into a clever well rounded sound. If you need more convincing thier debut single came out through Art Is Hard so you know they’re good!

Sacred Paws
8:00 Outside Stage
Post punk and pop go head to head with surf vibes, there is no better way to end a summers evening. Despite living hundreds of miles apart these two meet up for the love of song writing, this creates an element of pure excitement to every moment. Songs will gently build, some will crash to an end and some will gently continue. Whatever happens this is going to be a memorable festival moment.

The Lovely Eggs
9:15 Outdoor Stage
Whatever you do on Friday make sure you see The Lovely Eggs. With their stage presence alone these two will have you hooked, their live shows are legendary. These two ooze presence and radiate noise, most importantly they radiate fun and positivity. Surreal songs about daily life combined with an experimental approach to musicianship create something magical and a very worthy way to end the first night at Indie Tracks.


Dream Wife
6:50 Outdoor Stage
DW are a much backed punk band, this is no three chord punk rock though. There is a definite arty edge to their musical style with elements of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s colliding head on with Mika Miko and Bikini Kill Riot Grrrl ferocity. The musicianship combines the rawness of DIY with razor sharp harmonies creating a sound that should fill you with anticipation already.

3:00 Train Stage
Sometimes bands are fascinating, the vintage style of Whitelands is mature beyond their years (they’ve just finished A levels) and this promises to be one of those ‘I was there moments’. These youngsters are making their festival debut and may leave as your new favourite band. Combining 80’s indie vibes, some of the sweetest vocals and guitar trickery creates something between powepop and postrock. This band will sound huge!

Happy Accidents
3:00 Indoor stage
HA released their best album to date at the start of the year and they haven’t looked back since. Their delicate combo of kindness and punk rock is a beautiful thing to see live. Vocals and instrumentation combine on a knife edge as lofi pop songs take on important themes, all the time filling your ears with hooks and singalong choruses.

Colour Me Wednesday
4:40 Outdoor Stage
Punk ideas meet pop sensibilities to create what will be a set packed with joy. As a live and recorded band Colour Me Wednesday have been one of the most consistently hyped bands in the last twelve months. Expect a headline quality set, maybe the best set of the weekend during a sunny Saturday afternoon.

British Sea Power
9:00 Outdoor Stage
There are headliners at festivals for a reason, imagine the scene: The sun is setting behind the stage and BSP are creating walls of sound in front of you. Shoegaze is the perfect tonic to a busy day watching bands in the sun the immersive nature of British Sea Power will give you an hour to reflect on the day and enjoy some sublime musicianship.


Dream Nails
Dream Nails
3:00 Indoor Stage
Riotous punk rock and hexes from London, this is a potential show stealer and I don’t envy whoever has to follow up. Tropical vibes compliment vocals which effortlessly move between snarls of displeasure and beautiful hooks. Dream Nails have taken influence from vast time frames and combined them into a sound that is almost impossible to place within a time scale. Their releases could fall within 70’s punk compilations or sound like the freshest new music, the most important thing is their well-considered messages of equality.

Cat Apostrophe
4:20 Church Stage
There is a building sense of dread created with a combination of ominous and haunting musicianship which at times escapes into cheery organ or vocal. This band are an utterly fascinating listen and take a calm approach to power pop with songs that gently build without ever exploding into huge choruses. This promises to be yet another set that you can immerse yourself within

Sink Ya Teeth
6:20 Church Stage
SYT are a fascinating two piece, ever building rhythms meet angular guitar and basslines to create a dark sounding electropop. This is going to be a set that you can completely immerse yourself within and allow the occasionally haunting sounds to effortlessly build picking up and dropping hooks as they go.


Girl Ray
6:50 Outside Stage
Some live sets are made for sun drenched fields and Girl Ray are going to offer an absolutely beautiful festival memory. With or without accompanying sunshine this is going to be a moving set. GR combine Nico’s parts of the Velvet Underground, First Aid Kit and the twinkling musicianship of the Shins creating emotive modern acoustic/folk pop. The moment the first of the incredibly tight vocal harmonies sets in is going to be incredible.

honeyblood video tour 2017

Honey Blood
9:00 Outdoor Stage
Another perfect end to a perfect day awaits. In the last six years Honey Blood have crafted their sound to near perfection lo-fi shoegaze full of heavy peaks and gentle troughs. As a live entity these two make a lot of noise but always seem to fully control it and in front of all of the noise hide clever pop sensibilities.