What Happened to Evie follows Evie, the new girl in school who’s struggling to adjust to her new surroundings.  As she buys a box of chocolates, we discover the details of a horrific event that occurs on her journey home and its life-changing aftermath in an award-winning, powerful and disturbing short film directed by Kate Cheeseman and written by Carol Younghusband.

Bessie Coates plays Evie with an emotional dignity that will leave you wanting to see more, whilst Michael Jibson’s Mr Hooper is certainly a change of pace for a man more known for strong West End performances. Sian Reeves may not have much screen time in this short, but her portrayal as the concerned mother adds superbly to the drama as it unfolds.  It’s an exceptionally strong central cast that lends itself well to the strength of the script and the subject matter.

It’s in the little things that What Happened to Evie does so well. It’s not until the end that the viewer can piece together the timeline as all the elements fall into elegantly into place. The surly lads become crucial to the plot, despite not being named (in the credits, they’re Jacob, Luke, Flynn and Tyler), and their actions raise questions of their own that remain unanswered, even in the final, touching scene.

At just over ten minutes long, this is a tightly, expertly scripted and executed drama that will leave you wanting to see more.

All ready the winner of film festival awards – Best International Short Fiction at Galway Fleadh 2018, Best Short Film by a Woman in Cannes Short Film Corner, Papaya Film Fund 2018 and IMDB Platinum Award 2018, this is a short film that deserves to be seen by more people.

Dir: Kate Cheeseman

Scr: Carol Younghusband

Cast: Bessie Coates, Michael Jibson, Sian Reeves, Jack Backway, Makir Ahmed, Duramaney Kamara, Joshua Lewis, Isabella Wallington

Prd: Georgina French, Stefan Allesch-Taylor, Charlie Kay

DOP: Robert Shacklady

Country: United Kingdom

Year: 2018

Runtime: 10 mins