DC Universe – Titans Gets a Trailer

The DC Universe streaming service series Titans finally gets a trailer, focusing on Dick Grayson and Raven, whilst giving us glimpses of the other key players: Beast Boy, Starfire, Hawk and Dove included.

From the look of the trailer, Titans is going to be a gritty experience, exploring Robin’s issues with his mentor and the tragedy of his youth, the darkness that consumes Raven and the violent world in which the stories all play out.

There’s a sense that this Robin is a world-weary individual, broken down by the weight of the symbol on his chest, yet driven to make the world around him a better place.  This is, it seems, what draws Raven to him.

Early in the trailer, we get the first F-Bomb from Grayson, Brenton Thwaites’ Robin isn’t like any that we’ve seen live action before.  Dark, brooding and violent, he could very well be the mirror of the Dark Knight himself.  Bruce Wayne once described Dick Grayson as “a clearer version of what Batman should be” and this could be what Titans is bringing to the screen.

Raven, played by Teagan Croft, has a hefty role ahead of her as the daughter of the demon Trigon, blighted by his evil yet wanting to be a better person than her nature will ever allow her to be, whilst critics of Anna Diop’s look as Starfire won’t be enamoured by this trailer either.  Time will tell whether they’ll change their minds.  Elsewhere, we get a brief glimpse of Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly as Hawk and Dove, as well as Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy.

At the moment, from this all too short first trailer, it looks like Titans will pay homage to its source material, a coming-of-age story of independence and belonging set against some huge challenges, although we only get gang warfare here and a hint of the darkness of Raven.  Darkness is definitely the theme of in this 1m 50s trailer.

Due to be released on DC Universe, the new streaming service from DC Comics, Titans will join Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol and Young Justice, along with a curated comic book and movie collection to attract comic book fans around the world.  Currently, the service is only being advertised for access in the US, though we will hopefully see more countries added over the coming months.