The latest film drama by writer/director Tricia Lee, Affection is about a woman that has been fighting with self-doubt all her life with nowhere to call home until she’s faced with a conquest that results in something much more, thanks to her facing a raw feeling she’s rarely faced before: affection. This short film has just recently been selected to premiere at the LA Shorts International Film Festival around the start of its festival run, and stars both Steph Song and Steve Lund in the lead roles.

Tricia Lee does a commendable job of showing us the evolution of a relationship in just ten minutes, starting out as a normal one-night-stand before slowly evolving into a loving, affectionate connection between two people. At first, Steph Song’s character approaches it as just normal casual sex until Steve Lund’s character professes his love for her, which causes her to feel initially uneasy since no one had ever shown affection for her before, so it’s a fascinating insight into someone experiencing proper love.

This is reflected in Angel Navarro III’s cinematography, starting out in turquoise green to reflect the casual state of their relationship before transitioning into red as the heat of the romance starts until finally ending with no colour filter to reflect the ease of their new starting relationship. Steve Lund does a solid job in portraying the man wanting to fulfil his conquest in winning the woman’s affections, yet Steph Song gives a great performance as the conflicted woman who experiences real affection for the first time in her life.

At just over ten minutes long, this is a tightly scripted and well-executed drama that leaves you wanting to see more, and maybe this could’ve benefited from being a tad longer to allow more room a breathing space for the relationship to develop, but as it stands, this is a solid short film that deserves to be seen.


Dir: Tricia Lee

Scr: Tricia Lee

Cast: Steph Song, Steve Lund

Prd: Shonna Foster

DOP: Angel Navarro III

Country: United States

Year: 2018

Runtime: 10 mins