2000TREES The VH Preview

Each and every year 2000Trees provides new music and great times, 2018 is no different. As with any multi stage festival there will be clashes so pre-festival planning may be essential grab a pen and paper and note down these five unmissable acts for each day:

This is the biggest Thursday in 2000Trees history, the mainstage is open for the first time and it promises to be historic. These five bands will get you ready for three days and as a bonus will get you moving all over the site. For an added bonus check out Thrill Collins in the forest after the headliners.

At the Drive-in
There are no better act to make history as the first ever Thursday mainstage headliner, At The Drive-In will have inspired a lot of acts and people involved in this festival so you can expect something huge. There are so many huge songs in their back catalogue and as a live act ATDI have a reputation for chaos and excitement.

Simply one of the best live acts in the world right now, expansive and incredibly clever. If there is an act that could steal the plaudits from this first day it is almost certainly Brutus. Despite incredible complexity they are accessible and a joy to watch play live.

Ben Marwood
In the words of the festival in their valentine’s day announcement: Ben Marwood and the mainstage are a match made in heaven. Few acts have captured the hearts of 2000Trees regulars like Marwood. His unique take on acoustic music is a heady mix of humour and emotion and his stage patter makes him incredibly likeable.

Thursday is a day for intensity everyone is fresh and filled with enthusiasm for what promises to be the best three days of the year. Turbowolf are intense and an utterly wonderful live act, physc, math, rock and hardcore merge into an aural treat. They also have a ridiculous amount of stage presence, prepare to stand in awe of an intense set.

Palm Reader
This is going to get heavy, there is a sense of dread hidden amongst a deep dark hardcore heart. Not every set is about singalongs (although there are sure to be some) this is an opertunity to nod your head and ge your Thursday off to a huge sounding start.

Hopefully you won’t be feeling the effects of Thursday too badly even if you are day two is more than worth powering through for.


Probably the best young band in the UK, possibly the world right now. They have embraced bigger stages and a more polished sound without losing their DIY routes. Put simply Creeper are an incredible live band, they’re polished, theatrical and have that special something that will keep you in the tent with your eyes fixed to the stage. As festival headliners you can guarantee they will be planning something big.

This modern take on grunge has a solid chance of becoming your new favourite band. Gloo already have a reputation for their live performances and this could be the moment they start an upward trajectory.

Touche Amore

Touche Amore
I’m not going to lie Touche Amore will play some intensely emotional songs, there’s a good chance of tears in the mosh pit. Amongst the emotion lies fierce post hardcore and an unbelievable understanding as a live entity. This will be one of the highlights of the festival!

If you like your music dark and heavy this is going to be the one for you, from speaking to Conjurer earlier in the month we already know they have something huge planned. This is going to be a completely immersive hour of sludge and doom, if those are genres you like you probably already know this is unmissable.

Jamie Lenman
As far as frontmen go you would struggle to find a better example, his personality, performance and back catalogue are only overshadowed by his musical ability. This is a festival that truly loves JL, if you want to be able to see him on the forest stage you will have to get there early or climb a tree.

This is the day you will need something to take your mind of the sad end of 2000trees, what better way is there than watching more music?

Nelson Can
Electronica infused indie in the sunshine sounds like a nice way to spend some of Saturday afternoon doesn’t it!? These three will absolutely slay the stage if their previous performances (and live EP) are anything to go by. Maybe Nelson Can’s rich bass, delicate vocal and complex musicianship will be a late contender for act of the weekend.

Sean McGowan
If you haven’t found Sean popping up on the afterhours secret stage catch him while the sun is up. Lyrically he comes across like a millennial Billy Bragg or Woody Guthrie and musically he has the classic Xtra Mile sound. Expect huge singalong choruses and an incredibly dry wit.

Last year Oathbreaker were utterly transfixing and in the same slot this year Gallops promise more of the same. They’re almost indescribable musically but they are technically excellent and full of intensity. This set promises extra excitement and closing a stage seems to encourage something special every time.

Opening stages with intensity is a bit of a 2000Trees tradition and Frauds are going to blow your cobwebs away. With a brash sound which also embraces the subtleties of song writing with hooks this is going to be a great start to the final day.

Haggard Cat
If these two have any similarities with Heck who’s ashes they have risen from this is going to be huge, they do and they will. Expect crowd invasions and vicious song writing and one of the best live sets you will see this year.