2000Trees preview: What is your favourite 2000Trees Memory?

Will Varley playing to an absolutely jam packed tent and having virtually the whole crowd know every word. I love that dude. He’s worked so hard and is without a doubt one of the best in the game.

2000 Trees…what a festival. We’ve had the pleasure of playing it a few times now and every time has been a memorable experience. The last time we played, some of the band got tattooed and we watched Baby Godzilla get inside a huge dustbin while they were playing. Such sweet memories. We’ve played it in the pissing rain when everyone in the tent was knee deep in mud and played it when it was so hot our beer got slightly warm. Such kind people working the show and we’re grateful that we can be a part of it again this year.

I was lucky enough to go a few years back when Hundred Reasons headlined, playing ‘Ideas Above our Station in full. It was quite something! It’s probably one of the only albums I can listen to all the way through so that came in kinda handy at that show!! The weather on the other hand was horrendous. At points I was traipsing the site in a pair of shorts with no shoes and caked head to toe in mud / shit. Got very ill from that weekend but was definitely worth it!

I’d have to say my favourite 2000 Trees moment was the withering look of disdain and disappointment I got off Darren from Crazy Arm in 2016, as I emerged the The Bronx’s pit shirtless, shorts ripped to shreds, with one shoe on and covered head to toe in mud. It was a look that said “They’ve only played 2 songs. What are you playing at?” Maybe I WAS freezing and in pain for the rest of the weekend. Worth it.

Watching The Lion and the Wolf get the name of the Festival wrong when he greeted everyone in 2015. I like to think it was intentional. He is probably the most quietly hilarious and engaging singer songwriter in the UK

When I first played the festival in 2014 I was very nervous because I’d been away for a long time and I hadn’t really got used to playing live again or even being in public really, so I went for a walk around the festival and tried to look inconspicuous. Then I came across a free face-painting stand and before I knew it I’d had my face painted entirely red, which is always my go-to for face painting, so coupled with the fact that I was already dressed like a Victorian factory owner, it didn’t really help with the whole ‘blending in’ thing. Mistakes

I have several performances personally which I’ll always remember. Vessels played the tiny ‘Leaf Lounge’ tent in 2010 which was the first time I saw them and was a real eye-opener.

And So I Watch You From Afar played the main stage the same year. I remember it was raining a lot and that was the perfect backdrop for tracks from their apocalyptic-sounding first album.

Gallows’ set in 2012 was also pretty special – again it rained so much that The Cave turned into a swamp and Wade embraced this by taking his shirt off and rolling around in a massive mud puddle backstage just before starting their set.