Many directors in the past, have thrown a cast of overdramatic actors in an inhospitable environment to create a piece on survival, and what we would all do if we too were faced with death. Seasoned with predictable endings and a lack of compassion for the characters, we’d leave the theatre lacking in any thrill.

Matt Soson’s (Teenage Mountain Lion) directorial debut in this short film provides a grounded perspective on an experience that although we’d never wish to experience, can teach us a lot about the human experience when faced with both death and separation.

This piece focuses on the moment between giving up and acceptance which in most survival films is placed strategically in order to build compassion but is simply laughable. Soson perfectly keeps humour in place during these upsetting moments and it naturally builds compassion for both Jake (Matt Soson) and Alex (Erika Soto).

Touching on love, separation, acceptance, and grief in an impressive thirteen minutes, that up until the surprising ending keeps you engaged with the convincing performances from both actors. Matt playing Jake – the backpacker with a gaping hole in his leg and Erika playing Alex – the stubborn and unfortunate hero.

The piece has screened at the Florida Film Festival with praise in Matt’s direction not only his directing of both Erika and himself or his writing abilities but the editing and sound work too. Proving to be quite the multi-limbed filmmaker Matt is a talented individual proving his worth in what can be considered as one of the most difficult formats out there – the short film.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay is a brilliant beginning for Matt Soson and with a feature length on its way, he’s sure to be a director to look out for.

Dir: Matt Soson

Scr: Matt Soson

Cast: Matt Soson, Erika Soto

Prd: Caity Ware & Matt Soson

DOP: Jay Kaufman

Country: USA

Runtime: 13 minutes


By Adil F Hussain

Freelance Writer and UCA graduate. Interested in all things creative and fresh.