Yizzy teams up with Gemin1 and Blacks in the fiery video for ‘Let That Go’

Set in an abandoned building, ‘Let That Go’ finds Yizzy and his two collaborators firing warning shots at rivals, using breakneck flows and intense lyricism to stake their claim at the top of grime’s hotly contested summit. Whether it’s Yizzy’s vintage call-and-response style, Gemin1’s off-kilter bars or Blacks’ tear-out delivery, each MC brings their own flavour to the Lewi White-produced instrumental that rumbles with 808s while harking back to first gen grime’s whirring synths and confrontational approach.

Standing for Save Our Sound, Yizzy’s ‘S.O.S.’ EP is a manifesto for how to avoid the dilution of a genre that came from the UK underground and deserves to reach the mainstream on its own terms. On ‘S.O.S.’, Yizzy says: “I believe each genre and sound has its own culture and share of struggles it’s been through over the years. I believe every genre should be respected and that the constant mislabelling is a disrespect to sound that many people, including myself, have grown to love over the years. That sound is grime and its authenticity, as a key part in UK culture, is something that needs to be saved. This is ‘S.O.S.’.” 

Yizzy’s ‘S.O.S.’ is a mission statement to pledge his allegiance to the forefathers of grime. Living his life on exactly the same timeline as the genre’s expansion and subsequent explosion into the public consciousness, Yizzy was born at the same time as pioneers Heartless Crew and Pay As U Go were revolutionising stages and radio sets; ingraining their culture into him from birth. Not only is ‘S.O.S.’ a tribute to the genre that birthed him, it’s also a promise to push the genre into new ground in 2018, ensuring that it stands up now exactly how it did when it started and setting the benchmark for grime in its truest form; unflinching, unfiltered and unafraid.