’We’re Burglars… not arseholes’’- A Bad Idea Gone Wrong (Film Review)


Imagine a robbery without all the high-tech gear, expertly planned escape routes, cunning stealth-like thieves but instead a couple of unsystematic dudes looking for a quick and easy break-in. A Bad Idea Gone Wrong portrays this narrative through such a mischief unorganised pair: Leo and Marlon, played by Will Rogers and Matt Jones. The audience literally witnesses how their ‘bad idea goes wrong’ and how they become prisoners in their own devious plan and must, or at least try to find a way out without getting caught.

The movie almost makes the action of being an intruder normal as we learn that there are more intruders than we think and that no-one is wholeheartedly innocent here, even the prosperous home of where the robbery is taking place.  By normalising the intruders, the audience invites their escape- almost as if we have subconsciously built a bond (good or bad) with these scattered characters. The film follows their disorderliness plan, at times dragging the storyline but always comfortably aiding us with relatable content to keep the audience hooked such as romance, sex, hate, jealously to distract us from the real reality of the situation.

Nonetheless, there are moments of simple comical exchanges and actions that make this movie complete. Almost entirely like watching a sit-com from the very beginning, where the storylines may be simple and arguably uninteresting – yet the conversations are relatable yet humorous. Making the narrative and characters in A Bad Idea Gone Wrong joyous to watch- in an ‘I know someone like that’ sort of way. This quick-witted comedy works well on screen and has moments of no speech but just splashes of hilarity that allow the characters to switch gear and become a team of escapees.

Wouldn’t necessarily call this a family film but it’s probably fitting for a Friday night surrounded by friends for a quick laugh type of film.

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Dir: Jason Headley

Scr: Jason Headley

Cast: Matt Jones, Eleanore Pienta, Will Rogers

Prd: Red Sanders, Jonathan Duffy, Kelly Williams

Music: Alex Cuervo

Country: USA

Year: 2017

Runtime: 85 mins