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As is the way with modern cinema, this week is made up of prequels and sequels galore. Whether that be horror icons returning to the hunt after forty years, madcap chocolate makers working towards owning their own factory or loveable robots learning what it means to be an ally of humanity, this week is pretty much devoid of any new properties.

Michael Myers breaks free from his convoluted history

Jamie Lee Curtis / Picture courtesy of Universal Pictures

When Danny McBride and David Gordon Green announced they were making a Halloween film, people were understandably confused. Although Green has a history of directing drama films, he is probably better known for helming Pineapple Express, a film McBride is also known for. These weren’t exactly a pair that screamed ‘horror film creators’.

But many months later, the first trailer for the film has finally dropped and it seems to be going down pretty well with audiences. Set as a direct sequel to the first film, and ignoring the other nine entries into the franchise, Halloween sees Michael Myers escape from captivity after forty years of being locked away, setting him up for a final confrontation with Laurie Strode, who he terrorised all those years ago.

Halloween slashes into cinemas on October 19th 2018.


Wonka prequel rounds up an impressive trio of potential Willys

Gene Wilder / Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory / Picture courtesy of Paramount Pictures

One of the most pressing questions to plague modern society is, of course, how did WIlly Wonka become Willy Wonka? Where did he get his fortune? How did he meet the Oompa Loompas? Did he really do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? Wait. Sorry, that last one’s a different film.

Anyway, like Han Solo before him, the character Willy Wonka will also be recieving what some might deem to be an unneccessary origin movie in the coming years. Although Solo turned out to be pretty fun, so maybe unneccessary origin movies are the way forward. Wonka’s origin story will be directed by Paddington director Paul King, and according to Collider, Warner Bros. are in the process of trying to cast their new Willy Wonka.

Apparently, there are currently three front-runners for the role. The first is ever-popular Ryan Gosling. Also in the running is Ezra Miller, who is currently involved with Warner Bros. thanks to his roles in the Fantastic Beasts and Justice League franchises. The third, and perhaps most interesting option is Donald Glover, who has apparently been chasing the role. This seems to be Glover’s time, what with ‘This is America’ in the charts, Atlanta dominating TV fans watch-lists and his role as the popular Star Wars character Lando Calrissian in Solo. With another hit role in The Lion King coming up, it’s quite likely that this Donald Glover high we seem to be in will probably continue, allowing the talanted entertainer to bag a third iconic role.

Donald Glover can currently be seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story – in cinemas now.


BumbleBee transforms the franchise

Hailee Steinfeld / Picture courtesy of Paramount Pictures

But Willy Wonka isn’t the only character getting a prequel story, with this next one arriving much sooner. BumbleBee hits cinemas this Christmas, showing us a new side to the blockbuster Transformers franchise. But never fear; this may be the sixth film in Michael Bay’s series of explosive films, but Michael Bay himself is no longer at the helm. This newest entry, directed by Travis Knight, the man behind the acclaimed Kubo and the Two Strings, bring us what seems to be a film that is more drama-focused than action heavy, despite the Transformers franchises history of bombastic fights featuring largely indistinguishable robots.

Hopefully this film hasn’t come too late in the game, due to the fact that Bay’s films have burnt out a lot of the goodwill many fans had for the franchise, because this newest prequel actually looks like it could be interesting.

Plus, you know, it’s got John Cena.

BumbleBee rolls into cinemas on December 21st 2018.