With Extreme Rules on the way, the blue brand looked to develop new feuds and even reunite a former tag team in this weeks edition of SmackDown Live. Welcome to the most must-see Vulture Hound weekly review in history; welcome to… The SmackDown Review.

The Miz opened the show with the Bludgeon Brothers on MizTV, where he explained how Daniel Bryan stealing the tag team champions’ spotlight led to him being attacked during last week’s Gauntlet match. The Bludgeon Brothers smacked the microphone out of Miz’s hand and Bryan came out to challenge one of them to a fight. Not both of them in a handicap match because he’s not insane. Luke Harper was the one to grumble down the microphone and accept Bryan’s challenge for the night’s main event.


This show is 2 hours long:

– Rusev defeated Xavier Woods in singles action, which looked to put over the Accolade as a strong finishing move once again. Following the match, Rusev cut a promo on AJ Styles as fans chanted for both Rusev Day and AJ Styles.

– Jeff Hardy issued a United States Championship Open Challenge that was answered by Eric Young. The former TNA stars saw their match interrupted and ultimately ending in disqualification when the Usos attacked SAnitY.

– Paige restarted the match as a 6-man tag which was won by The Usos and Jeff Hardy following a Swanton Bomb on Alexander Wolfe.

– James Ellsworth came out – with new music – and cut a promo on Asuka for attacking him last week. SmackDown GM, Paige, interrupted and announced Asuka versus Carmella for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules before adding that Ellsworth will face Asuka on SmackDown next week.


– Naomi and Lana argued about dancing which then tenuously linked to the cast of GLOW turning up to say the pair should join forces. of GLOW.

– Becky Lynch won another match with the Dis-Arm-Her, this time defeating Sonya Deville.

Team Hell Yes!

Daniel Bryan’s match with Luke Harper was nothing special as the Yes Man won via disqualification. However, it was what followed the match which made things interesting.

After Bryan locked in a submission on Harper, Erick Rowan attacked Bryan to force the disqualification. As the eagle-eyed amongst you would notice from the title of this section and the picture for the article, Kane came out to save his former tag team partner and reformed Team Hell No in the process. Yet, they should probably be called Team Hell Yes given Bryan no longer needs anger management, but what do I know?


Bryan and Kane took out the Bludgeon Brothers then hugged it out. Paige hit the ramp and made an official SmackDown Tag Team championship match for Extreme Rules between Team Hell No and the Bludgeon Brothers.