Little vampire 3d


The message of acceptance is one which seems to be rammed down our throats these days. Yes, it is an important issue but surely people are now more accepting these days. The story of mortal boy, Tony and vampire teenager Rudolph is one which is not unique – having already been a TV series, twice over, and a live action feature film back in 2000.

The Little Vampire  clearly wanted to ride off the coat tails of success that the Hotel Transylvania franchise has had, but however the results are not the same.

Rudolph Sackville-Bagg (voiced by Rasmus Hardiker) is about to celebrate yet another birthday, his 300th year of being thirteen, but when vampire hunter Rookery (Jim Carter) captures his clan it puts his whole family at risk. Once Rookery and his bumbling sidekick Maney (Joseph Kloska) has Rudolph’s whole family and clan trapped in their crypt there’s nothing to stop him completing his lifelong goal of eradicating those blood suckers for good. It is down to Rudolph and vampire loving teenager Tony Thompson (Amy Saville) to come to the aid of the clan and so ensues a journey of friendship.

Little vampire 3D

Even though an enjoyable trip there is something which doesn’t quite land with this film. The animation seems a little too cartoonish, and no depth really brought to why Rookery has such a hatred towards vampire’s. However, some of the comedy, although very childish is enjoyable and brings back an element of slapstick which is not used as much these days in cinema.

This film is clearly aimed at someone a lot younger than myself, but with the likes of Disney Pixar films or DreamWorks films that have those jokes intended for older audiences there was no give in the Little Vampire. This film will probably be great for small children who can delight in its simplicity and bright, visual aesthetics but for me it is certainly one – for a person without children – I will not be revisiting.

Dir: Richard Claus, Karsten Kiilerich

Scr: Richard Claus

Cast: Rasmus Hardiker,  Amy Saville, Jim Carter, Joseph Kloska, Phoebe Givron-Taylor, Tim Pigott-Smith, Alice Krige, Julia Rhodes, Kevin Otto and Bob Thompson

Music: Vidjay Beerepoot

Year: 2017

Run time: 83 minutes

The Little Vampire is exclusively at Vue nationwide now


By Tim Birkbeck

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