“A Win for Me, is a Win for Three” said Xavier Woods during his United States title campaign and I’d have no reason to believe that should The New Day be the winners of the 2018 Men’s Money in the Bank match that it would be any different. We’ve yet to have anyone deploy the Briefcase under the Freebird rule and this could be just the time for these three lovable goofs to become the first. Now, this is a faint differentiation from the other articles in this series as we know that all three of these men could be in the match and that afterwards, they could very easily decide to freebird it (we’re not even going to consider that they could ever break up because I don’t want to) so we’re going to make the case for each man not just to win but to actually be in the match.

Kofi Kingston is known for Ladder Matches and Rumble matches and doing ridiculous, incredible things and in a match that currently has Strowman, Rusev, Joe, Roode & The Miz, they need some more daredevil figures to take some strain off Balor and Owens to do all the flips, they need someone who will take some crazy bumps and make everyone look great and that person is Kingston. Now, as deserving as Kofi is at this point of a World title shot, he feels like he’s one of these people destined to peak at the top of the mid card but just imagine if finally after so long trying to climb the (metaphorical) ladder of success, he was allowed to be the one to climb the (literal) ladder of the match, you can’t fathom how brilliant and exciting a surprise that would be. The best thing about putting the title on any of these three is that they are all pure babyfaces so it opens them up for other pure-of-hearts to challenge them, for morally grey figures like Styles or pure villains like Nakamura, Joe & Miz. More than that, Kingston winning feels like a reward for a man that has given his best to whatever the company has given them and that isn’t a deserving reason, I know not what is.

Big E is probably the most obvious choice on this list as he is the biggest member of the New Day and therefore people do not understand why he does not simply eat the other two members. Also, I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but Vince likes a big dude. Beyond my jest, it would be cool to have Big E there, if for no other reason than Money in the Bank is turning into the former NXT Champions summit with Owens, Balor, Roode involved and Rollins, Nakamura, Dallas & Zayn over the rest of the card. We’d just need Andrade Almas, Drew McIntyre & Neville to complete the set. Big E is clearly destined for big things and this could be the start of such things as this could really be used as a launching pad from which to send Big E into the stratosphere. Though it does also bring in the question, if they see good things in him but don’t want to try out those things now, is it better to have him not be in the match so that he’s not losing.

Xavier Woods is the one we should all want to be in the match because he’s been on such a roll recently that he’s even done seemingly impossible things like put on a good match with Jinder Mahal. Unlike his other two teammates, Woods has never been particularly a singles guy, having over TNA and WWE, only won tag titles. Woods has everything they could want in a champion: charisma, talent, looks, the ability to sell shit-tons of merch and I mean shit-tons! This could really be a star-making performance for Woods as it could show that he is not just a tag match guy, that he is a singles talent, that he is whatever the company needs him to be. Though as much as I want this to be something that could actually happen, especially because Woods, much like Kingston, is no slouch at high-flying, really, I want to actually use this opportunity to float another idea should WWE want. Next Mixed Match Challenge: Xavier Woods and Francesca II: Turbo to win please.

There are those who will aboslutely loathe even the though or The New Day winning but no one should forget that they are serious competitors, with matches like last year’s tag Hell in a Cell showing just how good they can be, debatably, a team with even better tag synchronicity than The Usos. Ultimately if you take three things away from this article:

  1. The New Day should win everything and never break up. Too many wrestle friends have lost their tag-partners and it’s beginning to hurt.
  2. No-one expects them to actually win and you know how WWE love a swerve.
  3. Let’s face it, you’re either going to love or hate when they turn up with a briefcase full of pancakes.