Falling In Reverse Drop Brand New Song and Music Video ‘Losing My Life’

Falling In Reverse have surprised us with a brand new song and video, a sequel to February’s ‘Losing My Mind’. This next instalment in the story, ‘Losing My Life’, features frontman Ronnie Radke facing himself from the past, wondering if he should apologise for all the things he’s done. Realising that all his past actions have lead to where he is right now he raps “As a matter of fact I won’t apologize”.

‘Losing My Life’ reminds us what a talented rapper Radke is as he once again addresses the constant stream of hate and abuse he deals with daily on social media, he is the guy everyone loves to hate. But regardless of what your opinion is, it’s almost impossible to deny that Radke is insanely talented and the way he evolves, grows, and changes prove that isn’t going away any time soon.

The powerful video also features Ronnie’s daughter, Willow Radke, a star in the making. Check it out below.