Let’s think back to last year when a game called Anthem was teased. While EA shared only a single video of a mech traversing a strange and untamed environment, this brought intrigue to many gamers. Now, at this year’s E3, we have been teased with a lot more. Not just a release date, but game footage and in-depth information. With EA’s recent past, why should you be excited about Anthem?

Anthem at its core, is a cooperative social experience that will allow you to explore and fix an ever-growing world with friends. The game will be heavy on cooperative play to get you through difficult encounters. While this would be perfect for lots of gamers those used to Bioware’s other titles might be looking for a more story-driven campaign. While the game does focus on the cooperative elements, the hub world is full of story and apparently feels more like a personal experience, giving gamers the best of both worlds. This gives those who don’t like interacting with other humans a safe haven for their gaming needs.

Players will need to become accustomed to the different types of Javelins, which are the mech suits you will use to traverse the world of Anthem. There are four different types including; Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm each of which change the way you play the game. The Ranger is a versatile suit that can adapt to any situation. The Colossus Javelins are tanks using heavy weapons and prefer close combat. The Interceptor is fast, acting like a rogue type character preferring movement to defence. The Storm is your classic wizard class able to cast different abilities. While most class-based system force you to choose as you begin the game Anthem’s Javelins are changeable you will be able to purchase multiple mechs changing between them for the best situation. 

Anthem’s world has been deserted by its gods leaving behind their great tools of creation. These instruments along with the Anthem Of Creation can reshape this abandoned world giving it new life and changing the face of what remains. While this mechanic will be heavily involved in the story it is clear that the game will use this to change the world for future events or instalments. This will give Bioware plenty of room to grow Anthem into whatever it needs to be.

Anthem is an exciting project from the creators of Mass Effect, one that looks ready to be gamers’ newest obsession. While EA has not had a great track record over the last year with Battlefront 2’s scandal, it seems that they are trying to redeem themselves with this title, especially the announcement that Anthem will have no loot boxes. There will be an in-game currency but more information will be revealed as we get closer to the release. Anthem is coming February 2019 hitting PC, Xbox and PlayStation.