After flying out of the gates in 2017, the Nintendo Switch’s next few months’ worth of first-party content seems to entirely consist of Smash Bros, leaving many people wondering what would be left for Nintendo to bring out in the latter half of 2018. Well, thanks to Nintendo we’re still left wondering. Not me though, I’m gonna stake the house I do not own on this being it for 2018.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Every single character that has ever been in a Smash Bros. Game is going to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Every single one. Over 68 characters in one fighting game. Even as someone who has no idea about Smash Bros. this is an incredible feat. At one point Masahiro Sakurai even seemed to be passive aggressive about the whole thing stating how hard it was to develop Kirby as he has to have a specific move to copy every character. They then listed a bunch of the tweaks they’re making to every character and even added one more to the fray, Metroid’s dragon-alien Ripley. This is a hell of a thing for Smash fans. Too bad about the rest of us.




Other things Nintendo could not seem to care less about

Is Nintendo’s first-party line up for 2018 barren apart from Smash? A Mario Party game is coming out in October, so yes. Fire Emblem is arriving in 2019, so there is some hope. Other than that there are ports (Fortnite and Hollow Knight), sequels (Overcooked 2 and Pokemon: Let’s Go games) and DLC (Xenoblade Chronicles). Oh, and Deamon X Machina looks fun.










This was so predictable and so uninspired, I’m actually inspired to see how predictable I can get. Aside from the one big announcement from the one big franchise, the only other things of note were things we knew were happening anyway. Fortnite Battle Royale coming to the Switch was a certain as the fact that the Switch runs on electricity. Fire Emblem got a name and a release window, something all other games tend to have. I am shocked at how little I have been shocked.

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