With modular synths, old tape machines and ethereal vocals, new Danish duo AyOwA channel their Nordic roots creating their dark, electronic, atmospheric songs. Sung in Danish, but with a certain universal and dreaming approach, AyOwA combines noise pop with electronica and melodies with improvisation, in an evocative and playful mix.

Together with the duo’s third member – drummer Anders Meinhardt – AyOwA has an energetic and captivating live show. AyOwA had a busy festival season in 2017 with appearances at Spot and Roskilde Festival, the opening of the Marina Abramowich Exhibition at Louisiana and extensive concert activities at many of the country’s venues. Then they headed straight into the studio to work their magic on new material.

Their songwriting skills came to the fore-front when their song “Sommer” was featured on Danish X Factor, in February 2018. One of the judges groups ‘Sol and Christian’ sang AyOwA’s dreamy song, gaining a new popular audience in their homeland.

May 25th, 2018 is the drop of the duo’s new single “Alt Det Du Ku”, which precedes a new EP “Goodbye”. “Alt Det Du Ku” is a song about standing between break-ups and breakthroughs and in the abstract of looking forward to the future whilst being back in time simultaneously. On “Alt Det Du Ku” AyOwA still have their electronic approach in focus but with more acoustic elements, the band explores new sides of their music.

By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.