It’s that time again…

That time of the year in which The Great Escape, an incredible, new music, city Festival will be taking place in Brighton from Thursday 17th May – Saturday 19th. Having been advertised as a, ‘new music,’ festival, The Great Escape also dabbles in bringing into the mix of emerging artists, and some with a sturdy seat in the industry.

At Vulture Hound we wanted to dig a bit deeper into this year’s 2018 set list of The Great Escape. Journalist Laviea Thomas has compiled a list of 10 overseas, must-see acts this year at The Great Escape. Take a look for yourself:

  1. Sweden: Sombre, melodic and nonchalant- three words best described for the singer-songwriter Alice Boman. The Swedish musician has a sweet and angelic taste for music and is set to play at Unitarian Church this year at The Great Escape. A perfect venue, that replicates her tone of vocal. Having started her career in 2013 as a bedroom based musician, Boman has made a vast movement into the industry- with the success of her previous, three EP’s. Boman is currently working on her newest LP, ‘Almost There,’ schedule for release sometime this year.
  2. Finland: Arising 22-year old star, is pop artist Alma – second on our list for top 10 must-see, oversea acts at The Great Escape this year. Having recently been awarded BBC’s Sound of 2018, the young adult has raised the bar for  dance and pop music.  Famously known for her 2017 hit, ‘Chasing Highs,’ released through PME records, Alma’s music shows a great range of upbeat hits and is something you don’t want to miss at The Great Escape this year.
  3. Germany: Experimental, pop musician Bulow will be playing a 7pm show on Friday 18th at Wagner Hall stage. Bulow is at the forefront when it comes to experience; having spent her life developing her sound alongside the journey of the four couturiers; Canada, USA, UK and Germany, It’s fair to say the young musician has stapled herself a strong identity as an emerging artist.
  4. Russia: Kooky, skin decorator and electronic pop artist, Wet Red is scheduled to play at The Queens Hotel venue at the Great Escape at 1:30pm on Friday. You can also catch her at The Arch at 6pm Saturday evening. The unique singer-songwriter has a winding aesthetic that dabbles in vibrant and stand-out body costumes with spoken-word, theatrical, lyrics.
  5. Ireland Republic: Newly emerging alternative, pop artist Tim Chadwick is heading over to Brighton this week to play at the following venues; Prince Albert, Thursday at noon and The Old Courtroom, Friday 8:25pm. Chadwick recently unveiled his latest track, ‘Weakness,’ through Sony Records, so you might be able to receive a taster of this track live.
  6.  Netherlands: Youthful group, The Homesick, are an alternative-indie trio formed in a small town called, Dokkum in the Netherlands. Their sound merges melodic, glitchy guitar patterns, with disruptive clashes of noise and groaned vocals by frontman, Erik. Their sound is a sweet take on new wave, noise pop and experiments a lot instrumentally. Since their debut album Youth Hunt was nominated for album of the year in the Netherlands.Since then the trio have shown nothing but growth in their material. You can catch them Friday afternoon at the Komedia Studio Bar and again Saturday at the Green Door Store venue.
  7.  Canada: We all love an ironic band name, Canadian trio The Garry’s are a group of sisters  from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Their sound experiments in dreary, and mellow, one-tone vocals with the floating help of relaxing chord patterns. In their latest track, ‘In His Dream,’ the group experiment in psychedelic-pop sounds blended in with fuzzy, distorted visuals for their 60s inspired music video.
  8. Canada: Canadian duo, The Beat Escape. Yes, you read that correctly, The Beat Escape will be playing The Great Escape. The Beat Escape, play The Great Escape. Tongue tied yet? Emerging robotic, glum lyrics with bursts of synth pops, duo The Beat Escape dabble in a vintage, and nostalgic sound that blends in angelic vocals with trance like instrumentation.
  9. Canada:  Our final Canadian formed band, goes to rock, quintet, The Beaches. Punching in heavy guitar riffs with thuds of militant drums. The all girl band, The Beaches experiment with indie-rock melodies, edgy harmonies and a dash of glam rock. A band sure to get a glimpse of this year at The Great Escape.
  10. Australia: Vintage, punk band Skegss are an all-male, trio hailing from the other side of the country. Being the tenth and final band of this top 10s list, Skegss have a playfully, upbeat, nonchalant and surfer-punk aura to their sound. You can catch them at the Dr. Martins Stage Friday afternoon and The Haunt, Saturday evening.


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