EDITOR’S NOTE: As if to spite poor Dave, the WWE released the first eight names for the tournament yesterday including some of the names below. Also, Sid Scala & others were part of No Way Jose’s conga line on Monday. What a time to be 205 Live.

With the WWE UK Tournament growing ever closer, and strong ticket sales showing the sheer level of interest that fans have for British wrestling, there’s plenty of talent that WWE could bring to the second tournament.

Completing my bracket of sixteen top talents, here’s the final names*.  It’s unlikely that we’ll see WWE bring in a completely new roster of British talent, especially as it’s been confirmed that a number of the current UK talent are scheduled to return, but with World of Sport Wrestling returning to ITV, we can but hope that this will be the catalyst that WWE needs to finally bring us a regular WWE UK TV show.

* You can read the previous list here where, curiously, I state it’ll be eight names, but clearly got carried away (with eleven in that list!).  

Sid Scala

The Savvy Sid Scala character may have limited appeal on a global level, but The Business is all business. It’s a character that allows Scala to demonstrate that he’s more than a loveable scamp (with an occasional mean streak).  His recent outings with PROGRESS, as well as runs on the bastion of British wrestling, the holiday camps, have given him the chance to show just how sharp he is as an in ring performer.  WWE could polish that shine even more.

Drew Parker

He may not be the most physically imposing, but when Drew Parker is in the room, you’ll notice him.  He may have a penchant for deathmatch (enough to attract the attention of CZW for their Tournament of Death), hardcore and no DQ matches, but Drew Parker is more just a guy who bleeds for his art, he’s a capable wrestler in his own right, technically and athletically gifted, and would certainly fit in well wherever WWE would want to use him.

Dave Mastiff

One of the most agile heavyweights in the UK, if not the world, today.  Whether he’s being an overwhelming threat or using his Black Country humour and flawless in-ring ability to win over the masses, Mastiff has always been one to watch. He’s seen TV time with ITV World of Sport and 5* Wrestling, and has years of experience that would make him a valuable asset to WWE.

El Ligero

Where to begin with a man whose career is a storied as El Ligero?  One of the hardest working men in British wrestling today, barely a week will go by without El Ligero being on any number of shows, in any number of positions on the card, and he fits in perfectly no matter what he’s doing.  From behind his trademark horned mask, he’s able to elicit love or hate from all the fans, whilst giving some of the most comprehensive displays of athleticism you’ll see in a wrestling ring. He’s one of the most talented men on the British wrestling scene today and whether he ends up in the WWE ring or as one of their trainers, he’d be a huge asset.

‘Dragonheart’ Danny Jones

A successful tour of Japan has seen Danny Jones, a native of Wales, return to the UK with a renewed focused and a sharper in-ring skill set and he has the potential to be a standout performer.  His work in Attack! Wrestling has seen him draw attention elsewhere in the UK and it can only be a matter of time before Jones hits the big time.

Gabriel Kidd

A technical and submissions specialist whose experience defies his still relatively young age, Gabriel Kidd has had successful runs in Kamikaze Pro WCPW/Defiant amongst others and stands out with a style that’s a throwback to the legends of British wrestling.  Suffice to say that, in an era of British wrestling that is accentuated by young high fliers, Kidd will always stand out amongst them.

The British wrestling scene is on fire at the moment, with the breadth of talent growing with every passing month.  We have a growing women’s division of talent that I haven’t yet touched upon, as well as many quality tag teams right across the country.

Whether it’s ITV World of Sport Wrestling, the ever-hoped-for WWE UK show that seems to be edging closer to coming to fruition or your local wrestling promotion (and there are many, many quality ones across the country), there’s never been a better time to get behind British wrestling. If you’ve only seen one company, look for ones slightly further afield – you’ll be surprised at what you’re missing.