Warm Friday nights are made for intimate venues,there is something oddly satisfying about being in a room that gets stuffier as it fills and being able to step outside for air before repeating the process. The Louisiana is the perfect place for this ritual to take place, hidden up the stairs is a carpeted function room full of nostalgia and Warren Malia is standing on it.

It’s a shame the Attika State are unable to play due to a sporting injury but Warren has the voice behind that band and is playing their/his songs with passion and vigour. The room is heating up with every note and the audience is erupting into singalongs with every hook, and there are a lot of hooks. Warren’s vocal is a combination of emotive cracks and warming power paired with complex electric guitar parts it is easy to forget there is just one man on stage. As the set reaches climax the promoters are kind enough to gift another song, the audience join in with full voices and the room is getting hot. This final moment fills the room with a sense of community and retrospective joy, the Attika State had some killer songs.

With an audience refreshed by some cold air and cold beer Peaness explode on to the stage and any hope of reprise from the building heat is snatched away. With a carefully balanced opening the audience have been won over instantly by their jagged pop charms. As angular guitars jangle their way through songs, choppy bass, dreamy drums and the tightest vocal harmonies complete a sound that is somehow recognisable through a diverse set of songs. It is almost impossible not to get drawn in to the combination of sunshine filled surf vibes and dream pop vocals and the audience are truly immersed until the end. With a few new songs amongst tracks from the super strong double EP the set looks nicely towards the future and the future for Peaness are very bright.

The eager crowd fill the room in time to see Tellison line check, after this twenty second preview the room is full of warmth, both metaphorically and physically. Their set is a delicate balance between all their records, emotions are controlled from the stage and the room is full of smiling faces. Every word is sung back towards the stage and the room is hazy with body heat as the band and the crowd share an hour of vigorous movement. The onstage understanding between all members is mesmerising and their movements, musicianship and vocals work like clockwork. The onstage understanding creates yet another series of jaw dropping moments, the most moving of which is Letter to the Team which celebrates the ups and downs of the band with soothing vocals matched by the crowd. Even in their saddest moments the mood in the room remains positive, this is a credit to the level of performance happening on stage.

Tellison are a band I have seen countless times and tonight may be the most special, there is something wonderful about tiny rooms full of smiling faces and huge singalongs. With Collarbone the set ended with every hair on my neck standing to end until somewhere outside the venue.