Slam Dunk is two weeks away, Astroid Boys were kind enough to give us some tips about what to expect there:

The last time I saw you play you were a surprise support act for Trash Talk and it was chaos, how was that tour for you?

It was a fun, last-minute crazy invite, played some good shows with just a laptop and to Trash Talks audience who were insane!

How hard has it been for you to rise so quickly in two very specific underground scenes?

It’s been easier to play a broad spectrum of listeners and enabled us to spread our wings you could say.

How would you describe your music?

A ‘meltup’ of genres in the music scene with roots stemming from the UK Urban and HC scenes.

Can you let us in on any secrets about your set for SDF18?

We don’t do secrets!

Who is your hot tip for the festival this year?

Trash Boat.

What are your favourite Slam Dunk memories?

Playing in Leeds in an underground car park! 1000 people going crazy!

Where can I hear more or buy some records?

Try our record label Music For Nations or our website and buy our merch! we’re also available on all the usual formats or just come and see us play live throughout the summer throughout Europe.