The start of the festival season is marked with three days of punk, ska, hardcore and more in the shape of Slam Dunk and this year much like every year there will be a lot of clashes. That’s the problem with having such a packed line up, luckily we have five recommendations to add to your own and ensure the perfect festival vibe is maintained for the entire day.

You’re going to want to/have to get there early ready for a day of sunshine and bands, there is an entire musical spectrum on offer so it can start with VH favourites Templeton Pek’s timeless punk sound or if you want to start the day heavy Loathe will blow the cobwebs away for sure. The afternoon can then take on any tangent you fancy but I would advise you do not miss these five gems in an incredible line up.

Astroid Boys

This genre defying cooperative combine rap and grime with influences that span punk, garage and metal to create a truly individual sound. It is in a live setting that these boys really come into their own, the rapid fire rhymes from the double barrelled frontmen create a sense of chaos and wonder. There will be surprises, you will dance, you will join in and that is why this is the act to watch when you need that afternoon wake up call.

Rob Lynch

Last year Slam Dunk was missing something, there is a magical slot where the anticipation for big name acts is strong and some of the earlier members of the line-up have already blown the audience away, it just feels like time for a good old singalong. This slot belongs to Rob Lynch he has this festival running through his veins and he has so many singalongs to offer up the 25 minute set just never feels long enough (leave them wanting more right!?). This year after a one year absence it will feel like a heroes return and he has a solid gold new song to add to the mix. You’ll laugh, you might cry but you will walk away smiling in the end.


No venue is too large for Creeper to drag into the darkness. Their macabre theatrical take on pop punk is full of power and drama, their live shows are iconic and most importantly their fan base (Creeper Cult) is fiercely loyal. Their latest live show involved theatrical characters and a faultless set list it will be fascinating to see what they do on an arena sized stage.  Creeper are like punk rock marmite, dark and you will either love them or hate them(at VH we love them). This will be the set that takes you from having a good time to having a great time!

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

Frank Carter is a man transformed, he was once a brilliant but confrontational front man he is now just a brilliant frontman. It is an effort to take in the passionate performances of the rest of the band because Frank just draws the eye and maintains focus. Much like Creeper this is a band that will dominate any space they are given from festival mainstages to small venues the intensity remains the same. This is the set where excitement levels peak and you find yourself amongst an arena filling circle pit.

The Skints

Picture the scene; the sun is shining, you have a cold beverage of choice in hand and the air is filled with the rumblings of dub basslines, tight harmonies and guitar and saxophone parts that dance together beautifully, sounds nice right!? That could be happening (weather dependent) in the shape of the Skints who will be the band that give you that warm festival feeling and maybe the reprise needed to recharge for the headline acts.

We’re not going to tell you who to watch last, that is a decision you’ve probably already made. Whatever you do last have a wonderful time and be wonderful to each other!

There’s not long left but there may still be TICKETS left.