If you haven’t heard of Palaye Royale by now you must be deaf, blind, or dead. The fashion-art rock band have exploded onto the music scene in the past couple of years after the release of their first record Boom Boom Room: Side A. 

Now, after an almost constant stream of amazing support slots, the band are moving on to the next level. VH caught up with singer Remington Leith ahead of the band’s appearance at this years Slam Dunk Festival.

So, how excited are you to be headlining the Rock Sound stage at Slam Dunk Festival this year?

I am so fucking excited. We’ve only done one other show in England so this is super freaking cool to be headlining a festival on an awesome stage so we’re so excited to be going over there soon.

You’re known for your onstage antics, specifically climbing up the rigging and hanging upside-down, but you ever get to a certain point and think ‘holy shit, how am I going to get down?’

Oh, all the time. All the time. Like there are so many shows where I’m like ‘oh my god, how did I get myself into this mess?’ Somehow, I always manage to find a situation out of it but yeah, I always kind of look down and go ‘oh my god I shouldn’t have done this.’

You always make it look so smooth, but it can look pretty terrifying.  

Yeah, there are always moments where I go ‘I shouldn’t have done this’ but fuck it, it’s all for the show right?

Definitely. Do you have a favourite song to play live?

A favourite song? Yeah, my favourite song to play live is ‘Mr Doctor Man’ but there are definitely some new ones that I’m so excited to play live.

So what can we expect from your next album, The Boom Boom Room: Side B?

We’re currently just finishing up the final touches right now. I’m just letting everybody know that we’ve got some crazy shit planned for our future but The Boom Boom Room: Side B is something I’m really fucking proud of. I know it’s taken us a long time but it’s something that I’m really fucking proud of and happy to put my name on. We worked really hard on it and we’ve got such crazy things planned for this year coming so I’m so excited to share it with everybody.

Well, if it’s anything like the first one it’s going to be amazing.

Yeah, everyone will kind of see exactly what we’ve been working on, you know, they’ll kind of be like ‘oh, okay, now I understand.’

Is it true that you are touring the UK later this year?

That is true, yes. We’ll be doing our first headlining tour over there, I believe, starting in August, so it’s coming up a little sooner than we expected. It’s funny because we’re actually doing our first full headlining tour over there before we do our first headlining tour over here.

Will you be doing your famous VIP Acoustic shows over here?

I believe so, yeah. Yeah, they’re such a big part of the show for us. I think there might be a few less songs just to save my voice but yeah, we’ll be doing it.

Okay, let’s have some fun… What is your favourite My Chemical Romance song?

Oh, it’s funny, I was actually thinking about this yesterday. Obviously, I love everything they’ve ever put out but I’ve gotta say my favourite song they’ve ever put out would be ‘Cancer’. You can just see how much emotion there is in that song, it just has a special place in my heart that one. I think it’s just so well written. Oh, they’re just a fucking great band, I can’t have enough good things to say.

If you had to, would you rather give up Nutella or singing?

Oh that’s easy! Nutella. I’m kind of getting to that point right now. I’ve gotten so much Nutella where I’m just overloaded on it I’m kind of like ‘do I really want to continue on the Nutella thing?’ It’s funny because I can go months without eating it and then I’ll try it again and be like ‘holy shit, this is so good, I know why I’m obsessed.’ This past tour I think I wound up with like over 200 jars of Nutella, so I’m like okay, take it easy.

I think as soon as you say you’re a fan of anything people are just going to start bringing it to every show.

Exactly. There’s something I said in passing, I said I missed the cereal Waffle Crisp. I didn’t even make a huge post about it, I just mentioned it in passing like ‘whatever happened to Waffle Crisp? That was good cereal.’ And then this fan showed up like a week ago at our show with like two boxes of Waffle Crisp! I was like oh my god, this is the coolest, I’ve got the weirdest, smallest amount of power.

Speaking of power, which Disney villain would you be?

Disney villain? Oh, that’s a good one. I have no idea, I have no idea on this one. Yeah, that one’s a difficult one. I know my favourite Pixar movie but I never imagined myself as a villain per se – I look like one but I feel like my heart is in the right place!

Who do you think would play you in a movie of your life?

Oh, hopefully someone with talent. These are things I’ve honestly never thought about, these are like first time questions that have popped up. There was that little kid that did play me in the music video for ‘Mr Doctor Man’, he did play like a younger me so I think that would be like a cool thing if he played me in a movie, that would be epic.

Okay, a dirty question now – which member of the band has the worst tour hygiene? Or are you all pretty clean?

Oh no, we’re all pretty dirty. It’s funny though, on this past run it kind of shocked us all… It was our merch girl that had the worst hygiene. It made no sense to us but the smell that this girl could emit on the bus…There were like nine dudes and this one tiny little girl and she made the worst smell. It blew our minds.

I can imagine that. I’ve heard that girls are worse than guys most of the time.

It’s funny because she was like ‘oh, I’ve found these vintage boots for a dollar’ and I’m like your vintage boots smell like death.

Speaking of vintage clothing, fashion is obviously really important to the band so who would you say has the best style?

Oh, Sebastian’s so consistant with the suits and stuff, he always looks great. I’ll never tell him that to his face but he always looks fantastic. And Emerson always has his thing going on, you know, Emerson and Sebastian are so freaking consistent with their look and then there’s me… it’s like I’ll be dressing in a full leather goth outfit one day and then I’ll be wearing a yellow, plaid, Clueless suit, or I’ll look like a Sound Cloud rapper the next day. So I really don’t have a consistent look going on here, I’m dressing just kind of how I feel for the day.

I did see the yellow outfit actually and I said to my wife that it was so Clueless, I just loved it.

Yeah, it’s so funny, my roommate actually has the original Clueless outfit from the movie so it was weird timing.

Which member of Palaye Royale would definitely NOT survive the zombie apocalypse?

Ooooh. Um…I think Emerson. I don’t think he would survive, I think he’d be too busy drawing and not lift his head up and the zombies would get him. I think he just wouldn’t care at all, he wouldn’t care enough to run away and just be like ‘yeah this is fine.’


Catch Palaye Royale at Slam Dunk 2018; May 26th (Leeds), 27th (Hatfield), 28th (Birmingham).