Powerful, urgent and award-winning, THE RECEPTIONIST, comes to UK cinemas on 20 July 2018. Written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jenny Lu, the film is inspired by true events and follows the lives of the women who come to work at an illegal massage parlour in London.

Unable to find a job, Tina, a Taiwanese recent graduate living in London, starts working in an illegal massage parlour as a receptionist. As she gradually comes to know the women in this most dysfunctional of artificial families, where sex lies at the core of everything, she sees how they struggle to find a way to make their lives work, with an undercurrent of violence and danger always lurking.

THE RECEPTIONIST recently won the Best Film Award at Sochi International Film Awards & Festival and had its international premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2017. Writer and director, Jenny Lu, has won numerous awards including Best Screenplay Award in Taiwan for THE RECEPTIONIST and Best Emerging Director, Narrative Fiction Award at the 40th Asian American International Film Festival, New York in 2017.

Filming took place in London and Taiwan and showcases excellent Taiwanese and British acting talent, starring Teresa Daley (Transformer 4: Age of Extinction, HBO’s Grace), Josh Whitehouse (Northern Soul) and Chen Shiang-Chyi (What Time Is It There?, Goodbye Dragon Inn).

By Michael Dickinson

Michael is the VultureHound Film Editor.