Months after the release of Songbook, a career spanning retrospective which saw reworked versions of tracks from across the past decade, Frank Turner is back with his seventh studio album, Be More Kind.

‘Don’t Worry’ opens the record with a positive, uplifting and bright outlook. The track manoeuvres forward without a second glance, as it glistens and shines all the way to its very core. ‘1933’ follows with an upbeat tempo and plenty of stamina. It shows off a blend of rock and folk, which join together strongly as one.

‘Little Changes’ is next, with a slower footprint, but is bright as summer and a breath of fresh air. Title track ‘Be More Kind’ swirls and dances around you, as it lifts you high above. It is slow, beautiful and quite exceptional.

‘Make America Great Again’ follows and is an anthem full of hope and a very powerful message. ‘Going Nowhere’ is lighthearted with its country sounds and positivity.

‘Brave Face’ is another upbeat track from the ready, get set and go. A smile brims from cheek to cheek, while it illuminates with strength and natural beauty. The gospel singers are breathtaking and add an extra edge to this song. ‘There She Is’ follows with a dramatic presence which captivates and grabs your attention without any effort.

’21st Century Survival Blues’ is a melancholy track reminiscent of younger Turner, while ‘Blackout’ is filled with provoking elements. You can imagine appearing in the darkness, while thoughts run through your head with this number playing in the background.

‘Common Ground’ makes you want to move on and let go of any negativity or bad feeling. You reach for that common ground. ‘The Lifeboat’ is dark and speaks the truth throughout, as it steers forward in the rough seas ahead, while you can see a hint of positive light appearing from the darkness. ‘Get It Right’ draws the album to its close. It is bittersweet and allows the story to take its final bow.

Be More Kind is a record full of raw emotion, which is intricately woven with such boldness and depth. It brings the political and personal together to create a different kind of blend.

Be More Kind is out now via Xtra Mile Recordings/Polydor Records.