With the cancellation/renewal apocalypse somewhat (but not really) behind us, the thought of “what could’ve been?” is all that’s on our mind. What could’ve happened if Netflix was around when we received the news that Charmed wasn’t coming back anymore? What would’ve happened had the streaming service jumped to the rescue of ‘Lost’ back in the day? Well, get comfortable – if you can – and get ready for a trip of both nostalgia and despair as we look at some cancelled television programmes that Netflix should definitely bring back!

1. Sense8 (Netflix, 2015 – 2018)

In June 2017, we found out that one of the most diverse and inclusive television programmes were cancelled – merely a month after its second season was released. Sense8 told the story of a cluster of eight people around the world that were born at the exact same time. Together they’re linked and can interfere in one another’s lives at any given moment. With their individual talents in fighting, driving, medicine, acting and more, there’s not a lot they can’t do.

The series was cancelled at the beginning of Pride month in 2017, which proves to be ironic as the show devours itself in being inclusive for those of the LGBT+ community. Fans caused an uproar so loud that Netflix decided that there was enough money in creating a special two hour finale to be aired on June 8th.

Whilst grateful that we received a finale – something a lot of cancelled shows don’t get the honour of – Sense8 deserved more. It had eight main characters with individual stories to be told. It showed us that TV can be inclusive and entertaining at the same time. ‘Sense8’ had a solid story, which whilst got confusing from time to time, still remained strong.

There’s so much more that we need to find out. So please, Netflix, do us the honour and bring back one of your best original shows!

2. Bad Girls Club (Oxygen, 2006 – 2017)

One of the most controversial reality shows of recent years, Bad Girls Club definitely ended before it needed to. Whilst we saw 17 seasons of young women ruining their futures for their fifteen minutes in the spotlight, there is still potential to give us more.

The women on the show were perfectly cast. They all had some kind of goal to get from being on there, and they didn’t let anybody get in their way of doing so. And with that being said, how much better would this show work if we could just binge it all within a day, instead of waiting week-by-week?

Bad Girls Club worked because it had the intensity and the right cast and the storytelling. We felt engaged in it because the cast felt real, and we were given so much content that it felt as though we were in that house with them.

Netflix could really do this show justice with a slightly better house, and the potential of an even better cast. Revamp the narrative a little, and then we’re ready for an eighteenth season!

3. Parks and Recreation (NBC, 2009 – 2015)

With the cast recently stating how they’re all for coming back onto the show, would this not be the perfect time for the streaming service to jump on that bandwagon?

Parks and Recreation was one of the most innocent and fun sitcoms of all time. Although they had their problematic moments, the show brought a lot of joy into our lives. By introducing us to the likes of April Ludgate, Tom Haverford and co., we were given one of the best television ensembles imagined. From the iconic “treat yo’ self!” and April’s classic one-liners to the more tolerable and dorky version of Hillary Clinton that is Leslie Knope, this show brought the kind of comfort we lack in modern television.

The former NBC programme had 7 seasons of laughter, but another 7 wouldn’t hurt. So what are you waiting for, Netflix?

4. Prison Break (FOX, 2005 – 2017)

Although this show was brought out of the cancellation home in 2017, there’s something about the format that may work better if it were available as a binge watch instead.

When Prison Break was brought back in 2017, we went from the typical 22 episode season to a 9 episode arc. And for fans of the hit FOX show, this isn’t exactly enough time to understand the complexity of the story. It was clear that the writers struggled as sometimes things just didn’t feel quite right as we didn’t have enough time to connect to the new characters like we would have in previous seasons. And on top of that, with each episode being a week apart and somewhat rushed, it was quite hard to understand what was going on at times. So if Netflix were to give us the opportunity of  watching each episode right after the other – and with more episodes – this show could easily go back to its glory days.


5. Sex and the City (HBO, 1998 – 2004)

The scandalous HBO serious based on the book of the same name took the world by storm. We all had it as a guilty pleasure, pretending to not watch it when really, we tuned in every week.

Although some shows are better left in the past, there’s something about this franchise that doesn’t seem to fit in that category. Sex and the City is one of a kind, and really didn’t care for what it was perceived as. Although it was once described as “to feminism what sugar is to dental care,” it wasn’t quite that. It refused to allow a lot of its female characters to be subjected to men. Whilst love and men were huge topics of the show, we saw the independence and strong choices of each character. This was a show that proved that women were more than two-dimensional, especially at a time before feminism was as big as it currently is today.

Sex and the City deserves to be brought to a new, younger audience. Because in a world full of shows like Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why, we need a Sex and the City.

So that’s the list of five shows that Netflix needs to bring back. Do you agree? What shows would you like to see the streaming phenomenon save from retirement?