Ever been to or heard of Leytonstone? No? Shame, because this place comes with an abundance of movie history and home to legends. I’ll throw a few names out for you, David Bailey, Derek Jacobi, Jonathan Ross and David Beckham. There’s another, one who’s given the world a plethora of emotions from iconic shower scenes to looking out a rear window and gives the odd cameo in his movies. guessed yet?

It’s the King of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. Born in the East End of London, Leytonstone in 1899, to his fruit and veg store owning parents. Today that fruit and veg store is a petrol station with a blue plaque marked to represent this influential film director.


Leytonstone’s Hitchcock fans set up the Alfred Hitchcock Society of Leytonstone, to preserve, promote and progress his legacy in his place of birth. Those members have grown by putting on screenings of Hitchcock films in a variety of venues in the area. But, they’re trying something new to celebrate a local lad who gives the odd nod to his birthplace. Get this, the Bates motel structure is based on a house in Leytonstone…scary eh.

On the 20th May 2018, the newly refurbished The Birds pub will host a talk on Hitchcock’s roots in Leytonstone and is held by local historian and Alfred Hitchcock society member, Gary Lewis. He’ll include photographs, documents and stories pulled from archives. The event starts at 4pm, upstairs at The Birds, followed by a Q&A and a mystery screening of one of Hitchcock’s finest.

If you’re a fan of movie history and especially of the man behind Psycho, Vertigo and those Alfred Hitchcock presents shows then come to the Birds and learn more about Hitchcock and witness one of his mysteries. Oh….It’s free entry. Check here for any updates

If you want to know more. Check out and follow the society at the link below

Alfred Hitchcock society of Leytonstone: Facebook