2000Trees Festival prides it’s self on being the place you discover your new favorite band. Soeur have a very good shot of being that band for you this year, they blew VH away both times we saw them in 2017. Wecaught up for a chat about the wonderful 2018 and some festival surprises:
Hello Soeur, how’s it going?
Hello! We’re all good – enjoying the sun on our way to play in Winchester tonight.
How has your 2018 been so far?
Pretty bloody fun. We’ve been touring a lot and testing out some new material, we sold out our headline show at the beloved Louisiana in Bristol then were lucky enough to support our pals in Demob Happy on their ‘Holy Doom’ UK tour (banging album). We’ve also been busy in the studio finishing off our next release. 
Can you let us in on surprises to expect in your 2000Trees set this year?
Well, it’s no surprise but we’re ditching the distortion for our acoustic set on the Forest stage, expect to see a gentler side to the Sœur sound… we’re a soppy bunch really.
Is there more pressure to perform well as a semi-local act?
Nah, people don’t know where we’re from anyway. 2000 Trees is chill.
Do you have any top tips for this year’s line up?
Just go and see has many bands as you can, especially the ones you don’t know! There are probably a bunch of awesome bands we haven’t heard yet but if we had to pick a few of our favourites then At The Drive-In, obviously. No Violet, Gallops, Haggard Cat, And So I Watch You From Afar, Black Honey & Phoxjaw are all pretty rad.
What does the rest of the festival season have in store for you?
Sun, hopefully. We played some very wet festivals last year. We’re doing a handful of awesome festivals, including 2000 Trees’ quirky cousin, ArcTanGent (one of our favourites and the place we found our drummer (and sister), Jim).
Your debut EP came out last year, how is your live sound developing after these recordings?
Is there new music on the way?
Yeah, we’re always writing new material every chance we get! A friend of mine described our sound as getting more heavy and more pop-y at the same time, which I guess is what we’re aiming for. 
You have a style that links pop music with math rock, metal and post hardcore how hard is it to get the balance right?
Collectively, we have a lot of very different influences which naturally feeds into the style of the songs we write. I’m not sure we ever consciously try to balance one genre with another, it just sort of happens.
Where we find out more and pick up some records?
Give us a listen on Spotify and follow us on Facebook/Instagram to keep up with what we’re doing. You can grab our EP online (www.soeursoeursoeur.com) or even better, grab one at a show and come have a chat. We love people.
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