Even the most complete players must have exhausted all the possible opportunities of what they can do in Breath of the Wild by now, so what is there for the eager Zelda fan? For this person, I present the latest work from Indie studio du jour, Devolver Digital: The Swords of Ditto, something of a combination of Link to the Past , Majora’s Mask, Rogue Legacy, current indie standout MinitNi No Kuni and a liberal dose of Adventure Time. In fact, modern Cartoon Network in general, feels present in the art style.

The premise is simple, you, as the conduit of the Sword of Ditto, must defeat the evil witch Mormo who returns once every century to inflict evil upon the land, except on your first meeting, you die, quickly. One hundred more years pass and so awakens another conduit of Ditto who has but four days in which to gather supplies and weaken Mormo’s connection to the world in order to defeat her. Succeed, and the game finishes, fail, and you wait another one hundred years to take in your next attempt.

Playing in that classic top-down, Adventure RPG-style, one of the best features of the world is that it reflects the changes of a century of progress each time you jump forward, with certain landmarks changing, some items not being available until they’ve been invented, but it doesn’t completely overhaul the map each time, lending it a touch more specificity than many of its Roguelike contemporaries. Also, the game involves fast travel via magic kazoo so what’s not to love?

Full of that Pendleton Ward sense of playfully dark humour and with an almost postmodern edge leant by the game’s Navi, a spirit beetle called Puku, as well as plenty of variation, side-quests, boss fights and cute visuals, this is sure to be a hit with fans of any of the titles listed above or just anyone who thinks gaming peaked somewhere around Secrets of Mana. Look for a full review early next week.

The Swords of Ditto will be available on PC & Playstation from April 24.