Today sees the release of Era, a brand new album from Scottish metal quintet, Bleed From Within, and it’s been a long time coming…

Five years have passed since their last full-length, 2013’s Uprising, so it would be utterly careless of Vulture Hound not to celebrate the return of one of metalcore’s best assets. In a genre that can be both totally ferocious and frustratingly stagnant, Bleed From Within rarely fail to find that epic quality, as latest single, ‘Crown of Misery‘ displays with brutal precision. “(It) kicks you in the face almost immediately then brings in one of the catchiest vocal hooks for the chorus,” explain the band. Watch the video below.

But it’s the holy trinity of “aggression, melody and groove” that drives, Era – which doesn’t come as a massive surprise when you look at the album’s Craig, Davie, Steven, Scott, and Ali have chosen for our latest edition of ‘The Records That Changed Our Lives‘…

*SPOILER* There’s a shit load of aggression, melody and groove in the following albums *SPOILER*

Craig ‘Goonzi’ Gowans (Guitar)

Lamb Of God – As The Palaces Burn

I remember hearing ‘Ruin’ for the first time on an MTV Headbangers Ball compilation CD and I bought the album straight away. I think I’d found everything I was looking for in a metal band, the whole album has this really dark/evil feel to it, which is something that’s definitely carried over into our sound. I’d go as far to say that this album is what made me want to be in a band, me and Ali used to try and jam this album all the way through every week before we started Bleed From Within.

Davie P – (Bass)

Tool – Ænima

Tool have been my favourite band for a long time now. This album was a gateway into their music and progressive metal in general. I remember when I first heard Aenima; it was the first time that I had been fascinated with every member of a band and their musical ability, especially Justin Chancellor who is one of my favourite bassists. It was also the first time that a singer had left me speechless. Maynard’s voice is just so powerful and moving, I was so overwhelmed with what I was hearing. This album will never get old and I have struggled to find any other band like them. I don’t think any album will ever top this. 

Scott Kennedy (Vocals)

Incubus – Morning View

I have had an obsession with this band from a very young age, I’m sure the first time I heard them was when I saw the music video for ‘Stellar’ on Kerrang TV when I was in high school. Morning View was released in 2001, and that’s when my love for Incubus began. There’s only a handful of albums that I can truly say that every song is amazing, but with this album, every song is exactly what I want to hear from a band; it’s heavy, it’s melodic, the vocal melodies are so obscure and beautiful in parts… It really is a timeless album that I will never get bored with. Incubus is the one band that everyone in Bleed From Within can agree on.

Steven Jones (Guitar)

After The Burial – Rareform

I remember downloading this on Limewire (sorry guys) just because the artwork was cool. It was around the same time I was first getting into heavier stuff. The first time I listened to it was on a road trip in Spain while on holiday with my family. I was young, in high school, and the heaviest thing I knew about at the time was Parkway Drive. The first time I spun the album in my earphones, sitting in the backseat of the car, I lost my shit. Riffs everywhere. I still love the album and would listen to it front to back any day, any time. The massively drop tuned guitars were something I hadn’t heard before, the off-beat breakdowns and crazy solos; this album changed it all for me. 

Ali Richardson (Drums)

Pantera – Vulgar Display Of Power

I was 12 years old, the heaviest band I’d heard at the time was probably Led Zeppelin, and I had never played the drums. The first Pantera song I ever heard was ‘Fucking Hostile’ and it’s fair to say that it changed my life. Phil’s count in for that track, and the drum break in the middle (VINCE!) gave me chills. I bought the album and listened to it on repeat for weeks. This was Pantera really finding their feet with the Groove Metal genre, something that heavily inspires Bleed From Within. The songs, along with the attitude, the drive & the gritty production make it my favourite album of all time.


Era is out now via Century Media.

Feature image by David Ruff.

By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.