The Kenneths – Ex (EP Review)

I’ve been a fan of The Kenneth‘s since I first saw them back in 2015 but every time I see them live or every time they release something new it is always better than the last time. They constantly surprise me and are obviously not happy to just lounge in their comfort zones doing the same safe thing. Their latest EP Ex is no exception, in fact, it might be the best thing the London punk trio have released so far, and that’s saying something.

The Kenneths are one of the most creative bands around right now and Ex shows that off perfectly. Opening track ‘Answer Machine’ was released via social media buy telling their fans ‘DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER’ and of course, when you called the number an answer machine played the track in full. How else do you release a song called ‘Answer Machine’?

A video was released for closing track ‘Model Man’ and yet again The Kenneths broke all the rules. The video starts by listening the typical advice on why music videos are SO important and then shows the band doing the opposite for three minutes and yet they succeed in creating a fun and engaging music video. Check it out below.

The catchiest song on the record is lead single ‘Favourite Ex’ which was recorded live with producer Ben Baptie (The Strokes, Jamie T).

“It was a case of getting in a hot room, drinking a lot of coffee, bang it out in three days, drink whisky in the evening and work until 4am.” Josh and Aicha recorded all of the vocals live too, facing each other, “like a sort of nightmare Tony Bennett duets album,” he laughs.

One thing is certain, things are just going to get bigger and better for this exciting band and we can’t wait to see what comes next.