From the opening seconds of this debut EP from Oslo power trio, Spielbergs, you’ll recognise that this is a very special release…

At first, this debut EP from Oslo power trio, Spielbergs, sounds like the sort of thing you would see listed in some ‘sound of the summer’ list; a straight forward slice of indie, with rolling drums driving everything towards catchy vocals. Then, out of nowhere, the guitars build, and feedback drenches everything, before a post-rock twist takes the track into completely new territory. It’s an absolutely faultless transition between two very different styles. A fascinating start…

This musical creativity is shown throughout the five track EP. However, everything is cleverly combined with infectious hooks the band show throughout this five track EP is so cleverly combined with infectious hooks which stop the whole thing from sounding mismatched.

As the opener ‘We Are All Going To Die’ flows into ‘Daisy! It’s The New Me’, there is an incredibly warm guitar part which oozes with sunshine under the distant vocals. The rolling drums once more create a driving force which is completed by a rumbling bass line. But despite continuing along similar musical routes, each track sounds almost nothing like the last, as they flow effortlessly into one another.

This musicianship is most prominent within the soaring and delicate guitars of ‘Ghost Boy’, which combines he worldly expansiveness of late Macabees, with a guitar line that could have fallen out of almost any XX hit. As the guitars move between feedback and distortion they build into an intensely beautiful instrumental ending.

The penultimate track, ‘Distant Star’ has the most infectious chorus of all and offers up three minutes of pop brilliance. The sun soaked musicianship and killer hooks are a future live favourite for sure; it is begging the listener to sing along before gently fading into synths. Final track, ‘Setting Sun’ completes the EP with gentile guitar and emotive vocals which fade into a calming instrumental outro.

Within every single moment of Distant Star EP there are countless influences and nods towards the most varied of inspirations. The calmness of the XX combines so perfectly with the sun soaked escapism of Beach House, before the warming feedback and infectious choruses of Surfer Blood, Best Coast and Vivian Girls add those summer vibes. This all combines with the gentle layered build-up’s of …And They Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead to create an EP full of purpose.

Although at times exhausting in its complexity this is an absolutely stunning first release.


Distant Star is out on April 27th via By The Time It Gets Dark.