SlamDunk 2018 preview, Can’t Swim’s Chris Loporto

Ahead of SlamDunk ringing the dinner bell of 2018’s festival season we caught up with Can’t Swim’s singer Chris Loporto to talk festivals, secrets and of course all things SlamDunk.

Hi Can’t Swim, how’s it going?
It’s going my friend, like it always seems to do.
The last time I saw you was on tour with Creeper, how was that run of shows?
Pretty wild. Microwave are our best buds and it was nice to be out with them again. The Creeper folk were very nice to us and treated us like one of their own. They put on quite a live show and it was pretty inspiring to see how captivated their audience was every night. a lovely time for sure  
How has 2018 treated you so far?
A dream. Tons of fun tours. Music videos. released new songs. Really cracked into our live set. It’s been very busy but all the rewarding. 
What does the rest of year have in store?
Headed over to Europe in places we have never played. Maybe another new song (who knows). Just doing what we dooooo. 
Are you looking forward to making your Slam Dunk debut?

I certainly am. I played it in 2015 with another band and it was a blast. Bunch of cool bands on it this year and I’m proud to be a part of it.


What can we expect from your set, can you give away any surprises?
Smoke. Wind. Fire. Maybe confetti. 

Who is your hot tip for the festival this year?


Every Time I Die. Any chance I get to see that band, for the last 10 years, I’ve done all in my power to make it happen. Fantastic. 
You have played in the UK a few times now, is it starting to feel like a home away from home?

Yes. 100% yes. I said it on stage the last time we played London. Love it there.


Where can I hear more or buy some records?
Youtube. Spotify. Pure Noise Records.
There are still a few tickets left, but act quick this year’s festival is going to be RAD