At times, Westworld season 1 felt like a slow trudge through a soggy desert wasteland. Sure, it has a stellar cast, clever writing, a tonne of violence and gore, and insanely gorgeous visuals that will stand up against any Hollywood blockbuster, but there were many an occasion (at least in my own viewing experience) where one thought – “wherever this is going, I hope it gets there a little quicker in season 2!”

One of the redeeming features of Westworld’s slow burning pace were the intriguing weekly fan theories posted on Reddit, which were as entertaining as they were bonkers. Amazingly, some turned out to be correct, no doubt much to Jonathan Nolan’s bemusement. Perhaps the great man is losing his touch – only time will tell.

With the big reveal of season 1 being prematurely predicted by thousands of viewers, the show attempted to increase anticipation levels in the season 1 finale by setting up potential plot points for season 2.

The moment it aired, Reddit communities started to theorize what might be in store, both for season 2 and the wider narrative. With season 2 about to air on Sky Atlantic (April 23), we rate the likelihood of some of the most popular theories online right now.

[Spoiler Alert] the rest of this article contains all sorts of spoilers from season 1. So if you’re not up to date, get out of here whilst you can still pull your gun out of your holster.

  1. The Ford (Anthony Hopkins) that dies at the end of season 1 was a host and the real Ford is still alive

Sure, we saw Ford meet his untimely end in the season 1 finale, but was it the real Ford or did he manage to create a host version of himself before getting up close and personal with a bullet, thus pre-empting his untimely demise? According to, the camera shows a close-up of Ford’s hand as he shakes Bernard’s. They say that one of Ford’s knuckles looks out of place (can’t say I noticed).

Now, in the original Westworld movie, the only way you can distinguish a host from a human is by looking at their hands. Could this be a subtle nod to fans that Ford is alive and kicking, and that his host is in fact the one that bit it? The fact that Jonathan Nolan has come out and stated that this was the real Ford suggests this theory is moot, but let’s face it, he would say that wouldn’t he!

Likelihood of the theory: “Not too likely.”

  1. Ford is dead, he anticipated his own death, and created a younger version of himself before he died

Perhaps Ford is dead, but he seemed relatively complicit in his own demise didn’t he? This being the case, perhaps knowing that he was about to die, he sneakily re-created a version of his younger self and uploaded his consciousness into his new body to stir things up after he died.

Remember, we did see a version of Ford as a small boy, so this wouldn’t necessarily be inconsistent with the character we have already seen. Also, a CGI version of young Ford does appear in the new season 2 trailer, making this theory even more possible.

Likelihood of the theory: “Plausible.”

  1. Everyone is a host

When we find out that Bernard is a host, we realise that no one is safe and that anyone could be a robot. Even Ed Harris, in a recent interview, said he’s not sure who is and isn’t a host on the show. Is it therefore possible that everybody in this damn show is a host?

This outcome would certainly undermine the vision of the original movie, not to mention Michael Crichton’s source material. But let’s face it, when a ship is being steered by Jonathan Nolan, anything is possible.

Likelihood of the theory: “Nah. I mean, I hope not.”

  1. Ford’s death and the revolution is just another narrative for park newbies to enjoy

Another popular theory on reddit is that the whole revolution is just another narrative designed by Ford. Given his obsession with building new narratives, it would seem consistent with Ford’s character. It also seems possible given his ‘close’ relationship with the man in black, who is seemingly financing the park. Perhaps this is all a way of satisfying William’s obsession with the maze, but this turn of events would at least feel more aligned with the source material.

Likelihood of the theory: “Possible but would be a bit dull.”

  1. Delos is planning world domination – and Ford is revolting!

In Futureworld, the 1976 sequel to Westworld, Delos creates world leaders to take over the world. Could these robot clones be being programmed to revolt against humanity? Is Delos masterminding the whole revolt to succeed in its ultimate master plan?

Likelihood of the theory: “Robot revolt led by militant organization – sure, sounds like a good bet!”

  1. It’s all a dream

Perhaps Delores is in a coma and this whole western fantasy is just part of a very long day dream akin to Tom Cruise’s hallucinogenic journey in Vanilla Sky. Let’s hope not.

Likelihood of the theory: “Oh hell no!”