Canadian Duo Kacy & Clayton are back with The Siren’s Song, the follow up to their acclaimed 2015 debut release Strange Country. Their new record incorporates full, electric band arrangements and it makes you feel like you are on the outside of your time.

It opens with ‘The Light of Day’, a psychedelic notion that dances around and dazzles you with hippie-vibes. Superb vocals throughout, the track uses complementing country picking guitar styles. ‘Just Like A Summer Cloud’ follows, entering with slow, seductive grooves and the feeling of summer days. The song floats along like a fluffy cloud, while enchanting vocals hold everything together sweetly.

‘Channery Yard’ is haunting, intoxicating and utterly alluring. The track is like a free spirit; flying free out into the beyond, as the world continues to go by. ‘A Lifeboat’ sails in like a breeze in rough seas. It manages to stay smooth, while leaving a scent of perfume in its wake.

‘White Butte Country’ is a more upbeat song of sorts, and it feels like you are climbing high above, until you can’t climb any further. ‘A Certain Kind of Memory’ follows and it is a number that gives its all. It is very emotive and you feel the intensity of the words as they are being sang.

‘This World Has Seven Wonders’ is next and is dreamlike with so much colour and wonderment, while title track, ‘The Siren’s Song’ follows with complete appeal. It is seductive, yet deceptive and ever so mysterious.

‘Go and Leave Me’ brings this exquisite album to its close. A song about letting go, finding closure and knowing that everything will be okay from here on in.

The Siren’s Song is beautiful and warming with intricate guitar work, fascinating vocals and splendid violins. It is captivating throughout and shows the world that folk and psychedelic sounds can blend together to create a perfect match.


The Siren’s Song is out 27th April via New West.